przewijanie – Speech recognition online in multimedia, archives, TV and radio broadcasts.

Recognition and decoding of speech to text is already available online on our website SkryBot tv in (Software as a Service) mode…

SkryBot tv gives its users the possibility to:

  • upload audio and video files,
  • execute recognition and decoding of speech from the uploaded audio and video files to text,
  • search with the use of text entries in multimedia files,
  • download subtitles synchronised with videos and audio files,
  • benefit from many other unique solutions based on the SkryBot speech recognition software.

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Prices of our online speech recognition service:

Private accounts and basic business accounts operate on the basis of advance payments.

Speech recognition in files: automatic transcription of files is calculated on the basis of the number of characters – 0.61 PLN* per 1000 characters.

  1. Crediting of the account:

    In order to use speech recognition provided by without limits, the user account has to be credited by clicking the button: (49 PLN – gross price).
    When the account is credited by means of money transfer, the e-mail address bound to the account on has to be provided in the transfer title.

  2. Using speech recognition:

    After the account has been credited, the paid amount is settled according to the conversion factor – 0.61 PLN* per 1000 characters.

  3. Losing access to the speech recognition service:

    After the advance payment money has been used up, data uploading and downloading of recognised text files is blocked until the account is credited again.

The price list for business accounts where considerable amounts of audio and video files are uploaded and subject to speech recognition is established individually.
The price list may be subject to change without prior notice. The advance payment may be used at any chosen time after the service has been activated.
The funds paid in advance and not used are not reimbursed.

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