Investors have evaluated SkryBot speech recognition for the Polish language.

Fragments of the article:

I am impressed by this very innovative product. If, in time, its effectiveness is proven, we will be talking about a small revolution. (…) The product has great potential so there is a possibility to earn money. Well done!

Wojciech Przyłęcki, CEO at InQbe technological incubator.

The project is incredibly interesting and technologically advanced. Even though it contains some errors, the home version impresses with its speech recognition effectiveness. Contrary to the social networking start-ups that sprout like mushrooms, SkryBot’s distinctive feature is its innovation level.

Stanisław Rogoziński, Investment Manager at Trinity Adventure technological incubator.

On website one can find a functioning automatic device recognising text from wav files. Frankly speaking, at this moment the accuracy of speech recognition in case of longer utterances leaves a lot to be desired, but it is still impressive. Speech recognition technologies may have many applications.

Jarosław Obara, President of the Management Board at Ventures Hub technological incubator.

I am happy that we already have systems made in Poland which deal with the Polish language well. SkryBot has developed a whole range of products dedicated to health service, police, telecommunications and to speech recognition online.

Stanisław Tomczak, Investment Manager at SpeedUp Seed Funding Group.

An interesting start-up, anyway it has probably already been awarded and distinguished (as far as I remember, at the Polish edition of Seedcamp), it’s one of the more prospective technologies. The products are interesting, I personally believe in this technology.

Zbigniew Krzewiński, CoWinners consulting firm

Link to the entire article (in Polish)

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