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Pre- catching Hello! Welcome again to library and I invite you to watch the next week that we have prepared for you together with David Kamiser and this week will be of course quite a lot about what is happening in Poland and in the world before we go to the traditional audition itself, please like, subscribe to the channel, comment below in the comments and of course you can support my person and channel in the Path of Night program, somewhere up here is the link and after this block of advertising, I invite you to watch the episode Dear viewers, a small preview, as you can see, in the meantime I managed to visit the hairdresser but the topic of High Mars is so striking that we decided that we have to make a quick check before the show.

David, we will cover our great power plans with High Mars and all around. What will we throw at them? Yes, what will we hear? At every tank will fall a Himars. Yes, yesterday, listen, we actually learned about it during the recording but our reactions were so, even as for the form of this episode, the week, were so stupid that we decided that we still have to approach it in a fairly fashion, especially that we still have to throw a few concrete, a handful of concrete, right? Yesterday, the DSCA agency notification appeared, which is responsible for, let's say, the export of American weapons, regarding the consent to our request, to our request, right? In terms of the high-mars multi-driver Stop, stop.

First, I have to say to the viewers that this document, DSCA, it is not that we buy it. This is the maximum price tag that Americans will count and the maximum amount of equipment that we can but do not have to buy. Because very often there is such misunderstanding that you can see the DSCA notice and we all say, Jesus Maria, how expensive and how much, right? And it turns out that it is simply like the consent to sell us as much as possible, and this piece of such and such equipment in as much as possible such and such a quantity.

However, this then park on a much smaller amount of equipment and on smaller quantities, DSCA notifying the agency. Yes, yes. Do you know what example, the first one that comes to mind, it is from Vistula, where the notification was about 10 billion dollars and we paid a little less than 5, right? Which shows how it looks, right? However, okay, in this maximum, right? In our ceiling, what we came up with, that maybe someday something, so that nothing is missing, right? Because something can happen someday.

It is like this, 18 trucks, trucks M142 Highmars, which is one complete, next American division, such a big American, right? 468 modules in the ejection, for landing on, target, we can say, we are talking about Yeltsin. 521 modules, this is a rocket pod, they probably call it that way, right? Jarek correct me, but they probably do not talk about single rockets, but about these six rocket modules, right? So 521 modules M31A2. Yes. 461 modules M30A2 and here is an interesting fact, because 532 modules, what is the name, M403GMLRSER, Extended Range Altered Rocket. Extended Range.

Yes, yes, those two previous ones, which I have already mentioned before, and those that are actually working in Ukraine, right? These are the ones that have 70 km, but the Americans have already gone in the direction of extending the range of these basic, let's say, Highmars, GMLRS rockets to 150 km. As if one third of the ammunition we have returned to is this extended range. Next, 45 Atacms rockets, not enough, but because Atacms are here as a dying species, right? Because we are talking about new rockets. Yes, PRISM, I call it PRISM, I don't know why, but that's how it seemed to me.

And then they will be two, as if each launcher will carry two PRISM rockets instead of one Atacms. And for that, yes, some handful of these training and training rockets, such a tiny caliber, some equipment, safety, logistics, training. And basically that's it. And of course, the supplier is supposed to be Lockheed Martin, right? And this is the content of this. Now Jarek, you can tell us how it fits into our structures.

Let's say, assuming that it is calculated in some structure, of course, it will probably be cut off, but we have 18 vehicles in our Dary division, right? The question about the structure is very interesting, because so far, there have been three artillery regiments at three divisions, right? We know that now each of the divisions will have its own artillery regiment, while some artillery regiments will be transformed into the artillery brigade. And now the artillery regiment was the kind of unit that had two divisions of rocket artillery and each rocket artillery division had 24 launchers. So each of the regiments had at least 48 multi-propeller rocket launchers, i. e. either Lungusta or Grady or RM-70.

And now quite a lot of our launchers, especially those older Grads, B-21, got a knife and went to Ukraine. It would be very good if there were no more sub-units to repair all these crates and other murals. But yes, it results from the fact that if we want to change four artillery regiments into the artillery brigade, what's the place, and even if we don't change the structure, and it turns out that there will be two divisions of rocket artillery in each regiment, it looks like we will need, and there are also two artillery brigades from the command to the command. So we generally want to have six artillery brigades.

If we assume that each of these six artillery brigades will have two rocket artillery divisions, that gives us 12 rocket artillery divisions, let's say that each of them will have at least 18 launchers, that gives us 216 launchers, and that's what we need for the day. So this is what needs to be bought for the artillery brigade. And now, my feeling is that at the level of these artillery brigades, which are the changed artillery regiments at the divisions, and these two artillery brigades from the command to the command, there will be High Mars. Why? Because there will be ATACMS, PRMS and of course GMLRS guns there.

At a range of over 100 km, and it suits me that it will be the long arms of artillery. So there we will have divisions of rocket artillery based on High Mars. But we must also remember, dear viewers, that we buy Chumo launchers, or as they say there, humo chumo modever. And now these launchers from Korea, we signed an agreement for how much? 218? I've been wondering about it for a while, and Chumo, Poland, military specialists, they always have the best information. 218, good, good. Yes, and now, after buying two school launchers, we have 216 launchers again.

We divide it by 18 or 24, we get 12, yes, we get 12, and if we divide by 18, we get 12 divisions of rocket artillery. And now, where will these 12 be placed, in my opinion, they will be placed at some military brigades. So if it's a heavy brigade, then apart from the self-propelled artillery division, on the Krabach or K9A1, it will also have a rocket artillery division. And now it looks like it was some, I don't know, completely Byzantine plans, a bit of a change in the form of content, but if we think about it, it's not necessarily.

It's not really Byzantium, because it's a pretty logical division, so these artillery brigades will have a very advanced range of rockets. However, these artillery divisions at the level of individual brigades, not all of the ground forces, will simply have a smaller number of rocket systems. And let's remember that the army does not want to get rid of the WR-40 Langusta, and it was said that there will be additional Langustas purchased, so I personally suspect that each brigade of ground forces, apart from, of course, the mobile ones, will have its own rocket artillery division. And now, you know, you can argue with that, but for example. . .

I remember the Turkish one, I think, right? Yes, there is a Turkish theme, but you know, you can argue with that, but for now it turns out that artillery in Ukraine is working, right? And what the Russians are holding on to on the right side of the border, is, among other things, strong artillery, so this artillery direction also makes a lot of sense.

Yes, but you know what, the direction, for example, because we want much more rocket artillery compared to what we have, and artillery moving on, here, damn, a person who would freeze something here, I don't know, it would be necessary to eat it, right? However, the shape of this, in what way we do it, because, for example, Jarek, you say that we are talking about more advanced, moving on, missiles, right? As, let's say, the main point of interest of High Mars and these Chunmo, but after all, as Chunmo as High Mars have a whole range of missiles, so I'm not sure that to use other missiles, we need two types of systems, and we are just getting to this Turkish thread with systems, which are called, I don't know what they are called, Chan, Kan, something like that, and they have, as if in accordance with such unofficial statements, plus what appeared on the famous presentation on Skona, to some extent replace W40.

But this presentation on Skona, we don't even look at it, because it was supposedly one big mistake and it. . . OK, OK, OK, but you know, the statements about the Turkish thread are appearing, right? Are they ending? You know, maybe it's also an effect of pressure on Americans or Koreans, that OK, if the conditions are such or other, then we will reduce the order and move to a Turkish solution. Here, the element of negotiation can be considered that it may appear somewhere, but we are heading to something else, because OK, on the scene of rocket artillery, cool.

Under the condition, of course, I would like to imagine that we are getting, whether for Korean or American systems, well, best for both, the right to produce these basic types of ammunition, right? Well, I know, I know. And it's right here where the little is a little bit cheaper than ammunition from South Korea on the license, right at the level of the brigade, where this range of fire is a little smaller, because we are talking about a maximum of 100 kilometers, and actually about 80.

And of course, what will come from the shelf, what is expensive, it is at the level of the brigade, where it shoots less often, right? Well, no, there is a fire, there are people at the fire, but no one told us that there is a fire, there are so many people, these people are such and such, the fire is such and such, because you need this and that. But we just happily put together what he put on, and he kept it secret, because they just don't want to do it, because they don't want to just introduce to anyone what it looks like.

You know, I will also return to this presentation from the corner, that someone doesn't want to, but he does it at such a level that you then catch yourself in the head and wonder if it's better for some presentation to be, because if it's supposed to be done like that, right? If the format of the dialogue is to look like this. I mean, you know what, I don't have an idea then.

Do you know what I'm drinking to? I drink to the fact that it should be like, I don't know, Great Britain, France, the United States, that a citizen can pull himself together in the PDF, and where in the PDF it has, I don't know, 60 pages up, it's written, we are a country of both, we have both conditions, we have neighbors of both, it threatens us both, so we must have both, because, such and such air forces, because, such and such land forces, because, and in this land forces, because we must have so and so divisions, because it came out to us that it will allow us to protect the eastern wall.

These divisions must be such and such a component, because the conclusions from the last conflict are both, so we have a plan to buy both for the end of the decade, and we thank the citizen that you pay taxes, yes, we do it for you. That's where your money goes. I wanted to say that if they pay me the appropriate amount, I can create such a PDF, but they won't pay me, and it will be very nicely done professionally, not only, you know, becalen, right? Well, yes, since we are doing such things for private business, then you know.

Of course, Jarek, the closest, because it was before, as if, our antenna time today, the closest such work is, again, Tomek Dmitru, who is doing just gigantic work for free, and we always joke that the world, if Tomek took, for example, another occupation and decided that he was judged for it, because no one pays him for it, and no one makes it much easier for him, then Poland, Poland as a military information bank would have committed a mass suicide, and there really is no exaggeration in this. Okay, but. . . Yes, I must admit that the most underrated person from the Polish military infosphere is Tomek Dmitru, whom we greet in this video.

Yes, okay, I just, you know, ending the topic, because it's like a little addition, what bothers me a little, a little or not a little, in terms of this great purchase of multi-propeller rocket launchers, we can talk about Chunm, we can talk about High Mars, it's like I'm talking about the whole thing. It's that there was a very large increase in the number, the speed, the pace of introducing this type of systems, and now I treat it as part of this system, let's say, of the missile-propeller complex, a bit on the eastern side and it goes with Russian and Soviet terminals. Yes.

So, okay, we have the launchers, the Jenslava pipe, as it was called, it would be useful, there would be a lot of ammunition, it would be nice if it was domestic in some part, if not, it would be nice if there was a lot of it, but it's just a but it's just a then yes, a decisive factor, a command system. Okay, we have this belt, which I suspect that it will also have to go through some evolution to get that far, right? But okay, and now we have a matter of recognition. I'm looking at the 2018 table regarding the plans for the purchase of unmanned aerial ships.

This table, based on what we have, and what we should have from 2013 to 2018, it hasn't really changed. If I wanted to do something like that in 2023, it would also change a lot, it wouldn't have been. We have programs, the cryptonyms are great, Zephyr, that is, the small, let's say, the Reaper level, right? One, we will probably be building one of this type of unmanned, but I don't want to make a mistake. We have the necks, we have the ears, the visors, the scales, everything is beautifully written, but the fact that there are no such things, except for the flyers, right? Two, that if there are. . .

But you know that we are here outside of Gladius and outside of the flyers, we are basically the YOLO allies, right? Yes, there is nothing, the programs are going on and they are going on all the time, they do not bring results too quickly, and we are still talking about something else, that I suddenly did not notice that there was talk that we need definitely more unmanned aerial ships in connection with such a rocket army expansion.

A moment, we had our hands reaching 400 km, right? We bought High Mars, now we say, we bought Division, but now we say that systems with a range of several hundred kilometers, from 150 km to 300 km, it is supposed to be several hundred, 200, 300, 400, maybe 500, right? Where are suddenly the contracts for research and development work, for production of unmanned systems that again have to reach there? They have to fly further, collect this information, there must be a lot of them, if suddenly from several dozen systems with a range of over 300 km, that is, one High Mars division, it is done several dozen, right? Where is the talk about the development of a group of distant recognition, about the purchase of equipment for them, about the development of quantity, about the issue of change of doctrine, about the work of doctrine, how do we discover this whole decision loop, we confirm this presence, we track, we destroy, we check whether it has been destroyed, we deal with the next topic.

We see only such a buy, buy more, buy. And it scares me, what kind of question, where will we take all the soldiers to when they will be trained? And that's probably it, I talked.

And I am happy with all this, although it will be based on, most of it will be on the Polish Yeltsin, my modules, Chumo launchers and High Mars will be on Yeltsin, and probably in large part they will have solutions, at least in the area of launchers from us, our industry, and it is quite possible that at least part of the rocket launchers will be produced in Poland, at least such are the Monuz declarations, we will see if something more will go beyond the declarations, right? But you know, but okay, at least that much good, right? And Topaz, right? What wakes me up is the strong grip, the Vassal divisions from the United States, so the first High Mars and the second, because you know, together with AFADS, which is a command system, just, you know, taken out of this export permission to the USA and thrown at us, right? The whole foreign, Poland will only be the first in Poland.

That's what we should say, right? The whole foreign. Although this second division probably already had some sub-sectors, it was said that it will have some Polish sub-sectors, we will see anyway. We will see. Well, listen, we're finishing our RLAT to the whole, I guess there's nothing more to say, because, oh, sorry, no, we're not finishing, I'm sorry, because just now, as you were talking about some topic, a tweet appeared on the profile of the Ministry of National Defense, as if quoting Vice Minister Błaszczak, that 506 High Mars exporters will be sent to Poland. So we have a problem with communication again, because a moment ago. . . No, no, calm down.

That's why I was going to say that the spokesman of the Armed Forces pointed out that, I will even quote Mr. Colonel, that, bearing in mind the implemented diversification strategy, the source for the supply of armed forces, planned by the Polish level of High Mars exporters orders, there will be an accidental need for target structures, financial possibilities and needs related to reserves. So, more or less what we were talking about, right? That it will be balanced somewhere. And the profile of the Ministry of National Defense, as if. . . Yes. That's all. Well, dear viewers, we are starting another week.

What is our first target in this week, Dawid? We have to choose either the standard Polish-hater option, which we like, or we have a big balloon, which broke down and it's probably worth starting from it, because it will be some kind of a difference. Yes, I think that the balloon will be a nice option. Yes, especially since the issue is quite loud, probably to a large extent concentrating beyond what was important in this story. And by the way, it's also funny, and we definitely need a little laugh in these times.

Listen, it's about a Chinese air ship, because that's the most common option, lighter than the air, right? So something that is still quite rare in these times, as if an aerial apparatus or an aerial ship compared to planes. And the whole story began at the end of January, when such a balloon was found in the air, first in Canada, and then, to a greater surprise, it was also found in the US airspace. And it was wandering around for a few days at a very high altitude. This altitude was given as about 60,000 feet, so it's over the altitude of all aircraft, and de facto. . . 30,000 meters around. A little less, but these are heights. . .

A little less, right? But these are heights above the flight of a flight aircraft. Also usually above the flight of military aircraft. These are really high flights, as if it didn't sound. And this balloon was discovered, it's not like it's the first such incident, or the first such air ship, which was either sent by the Chinese or by someone else. This type of balloons, usually meteorological, actually holding on to the Chinese side of this arrangement, because it's their narration that a meteorological balloon, which is practically quite regularly released, because it serves to collect data, right? In these very high layers of the atmosphere.

Only that this balloon, first of all, as if it is said that its behavior, its kind of load, because apart from the balloon itself, what is more important is what was under it, in this. . . In a form of a container, or whatever you call it, it aroused interest. First, because not too often this type of air ships, again, belonging to other countries, without mutual decisions, do not interfere, however, so often in the air space of other countries.

It happens, but it is often the case that this trajectory is planned, it will wind a little differently, and something happened, right? In this way, somewhere there, or through the air identification zone, something like that will slip, which already causes some reaction, of course, or even sometimes through the air space, but not on such a scale, right? This is something that is probably unprecedented, I do not know that such a big confusion and such a controversy has aroused any flight of this type of air ship.

The whole thing started on January 28, in any case, as if trying to arrange it according to some kind of time axis, we are talking about January 28, when it was detected by the Americans, this balloon, as a result of some atmospheric phenomenon, however, changed this course of flight and began to travel to the United States. However, this is how it happened, this air strategy, as it were, fell under several quite important installations, also belonging to, as it were, not so much to the air forces themselves, but to, let's say, these forces of terror, so the strategic forces already, the air forces, i. e.

the installations between the ballistic container and the missiles, and with a base where, for example, they base the Bobov CP-2, of course, at this very high altitude, right? And here these controversies appear, why, why was the American reaction so long, why was it not shot down, many different such issues, but what the Americans emphasize, especially now, when I have the impression that the American Defense Department was under some kind of information blockade, is that they were simply afraid that not the balloon itself, this carrier, but these devices that are underneath, are not so heavy, not so big, and this air strategy is at such a high altitude that the Americans would not be able to accurately determine the potential point of fall of these devices, and they, however, falling from such a height, well, could cause damage, especially on some densely populated objects, cities, industrial installations, so this balloon was allowed to fly and it was destroyed when this trajectory was already clearly stated in the fall, that it would not damage any city center and so on.

The operation itself of shooting here, and it was, of course, shown, so there is no mystery here, and de facto we know everything, several times this balloon, I want to smile at it, was guarded by the E22 fighter, several times the E15 fighter appeared and finally one Raptor, with the power of the IM9X bullet, shot this balloon. What the Defense Department again emphasized at these conferences, was that the type of bullet which had a smaller combat head, weaker, and the Americans stated that they did it consciously, you can expect that for the damage that this object has, or perhaps also its load, were smaller, for two reasons. First, that this fall was less violent, and second, perhaps, that it was able to examine more precisely less damaged fragments of this air ship.

It was said that, not only this balloon surface, because it is important, but the task module, I'm still looking for the right word, according to the Americans, it was the size of a smaller regional jet plane, which for me means Boeing 737. I don't know how close the Pentagon representatives' declarations were to this issue, but if they were heading in this direction, it meant that it was really a huge installation and there could be a lot of sensors of different types of the object.

Now, when this balloon has fallen, the operation of the acquisition is underway, which is natural, because since it has fallen into the water, it is necessary to check, what was actually in this balloon, and it is also worth saying that I'm not really sure whether it was actually such an intentional action of China, because this type of air ships are not too much, they are not without crew, they are not planes that can be controlled by them, whether they have crew on board or not, this air ship had some form, again, according to the declarations, because looking at the photos, I didn't see it, but the help drive, so to some extent it could support natural air currents in where this balloon is heading, in such transcriptions and interviews given by American media, representatives of Pentagon even said that something is wrong with this balloon, because it was able to get some positions over some installations, regardless of the air currents over them, I admit that it is enigmatic for me, a little bit difficult to imagine, but it doesn't look like it.

I was a little surprised by these panels in the design of this reconnaissance module, because they looked like SAR radars to me, you know, which looked very strange. You know, but that means that if we talk about radars, we would have to talk about some efficient power source, but taking into account actually this information about the size of this whole balloon, well, interesting, interesting what Americans will find there, unfortunately I suspect that. . . That we won't find out too much, unless it turns out to be something, let's say, a bit controversial, maybe some systems that could then act as a prior comment. Or there was no power supply like on satellites, i. e.

these nuclear firecrackers, I don't know what they were called, it wasn't an atomic reactor, but these firecrackers were based on the OCS, as far as I know. They work on radio-location stations, set on some hills, this is an efficient source of energy, but not much power based on radiation. I wouldn't want to let the viewers into the I would also like to stop here, but it would also explain not wanting to get into this over the states, right? Yes, because if you have a power source based on some isotopes, it would go to the sea, and not necessarily be thrown over the state.

Yes, yes, yes, I admit that it's kind of radiological, chemical, but it's a space ship that the Americans didn't know, it wasn't an allied space ship, where they could get information, even if we can imagine that Canadians would let out this type of space ship, and the US Department of Defense can answer the question, what kind of space ship is this? What are the components, what is its drive, what is the source of energy? I don't think that Canadians would be willing to answer such questions, I also think that Americans wouldn't have asked, so they would have to organoleptically check what it was.

This minimization of damage, which was not understood, I think it's worth saying that I'm not, as a person who likes this, convinced that it had to be an intentional action, that it was a ship that was supposed to be there, with the equipment that was supposed to be there. Let's remember that at the moment, in the era of satellite distribution, which is at a very high altitude, I don't think it had such a big advantage in terms of optical fire, in terms of radar capabilities, etc.

What is now always accentuated, comparing satellites even on low orbits with something that flies lower, with space ships, is that the satellite has these predictable times, its orbit is relatively predictable, it's like an airship, some kind of crew, with a very large crew, with very long-term life, but in definition, it can be said when we want it to appear. In the case of a balloon, I don't know, when it was launched, it was supposed to be flying in some direction, and that's it. I'm curious if Americans will give any information on this topic. Okay, what do we have apart from balloons? And now we're going back to our native climates, because I think I'd start with patriots.

Here, of course, there is also the question of two patriotic topics, but also my mistake, and a strong overinterpretation, and it is also worth saying that in any case, in the territory of Poland, this is our Polish fire unit, which launched a few minutes ago from Sochaczew. Yes, yes, fire unit, that is, one radar capable of directing many missiles for many purposes, but the whole thing is based on radar and infrastructure built around it. And it, as if this fire unit started from its barracks, and from the airfield in Bamova, near Warsaw. And these units, these dozen or so vehicles in this launch, the cabin of combat operations, the mast and radar, were launched on this airfield and since then the soldiers have been training there.

At what point, I should say two things. First, that I, on Twitter, as if a little too literally, I mispronounced the word of Minister Błaszczak, about the launch itself, and I thought that it would just be, the exercise would have only been to move the launch, it was not true, it turned out that we were just talking about the entire fire team headed by radar, which is quite important, right? The second issue should also be said, and I think it is even more important, that this fire unit moved there, it does not mean that the first fire team, or generally the Vistula as a system, is operational at the moment. No, definitely not. No, no, not again. It is not yet the time.

At this point, this system is not completely completed according to all physical elements. This process is ongoing. The process of combining them into one active whole, the soldiers are not yet 100% ready to perform the task. It is not like operational development in a given place. It is an element, it is difficult to say, because I like this initiative, but it is difficult to make it happen. Of course, I will tell you this, the soldiers from this fire unit were training, of course, but, I mean, I don't know if it was a battery, what was it? No, fire unit, or fire unit. Fire unit, that's all right.

However, it was also used very strongly in the PR, because, as it is normally said, not to talk about. . . I mean, it was good, not to talk about the movement of troops, etc. This topic was very much heated by the Ministry of National Defense information channels. In general, the layout of this fire unit Patriota was in such a place that from a nearby housing estate on the camera you could do live a preview of the timelapse, beautifully arranged by Patriota and radar ejection. But I think everyone knew what was in this estate right away, that there are cameras on the estate and connected to the network, a few other things. A strategic communication element.

And of course we had the most expensive operational wall in Poland, because in the category of high-end wall, which was also hit by the Minister on the background of the Fire Unit Patriota, this is the most expensive wall in Poland so far. I would say it's my own wall ranking. And this is top. Yes, but. . . Here you will have to wait for the swordman to break it. No, no, the swordman is cheaper. The swordman is cheaper as a single. . . But we also saw only the fire unit, not the whole battery, but the whole battery, and there were also quite important reports that the cost of the swordman will also increase, which should not surprise us either.

So the last words of them fell, remember. But let's remember that this is still an element of playing this complicated organism, and this is not the end of this process yet. Because. . . It was really well-made, because the soldiers had high-cut helmets, there were no high-cut helmets for soldiers who are in the second line, but okay, someone here has to speak military about the spy. I always thought that the helmet was to protect the head from the fragments, and not to have such cuts on half the screen, but okay. I say this is a fashion from specialists, but I don't know much about individual ballistic shields. Of course, the soldiers were given grottos, and they were given to the American patriots.

And of course, damn, the furs. You can see that there was no one to quickly steal any more civilized shirts in the area. Steal, sorry, borrow. But I personally tell you that no, it looked cool, American equipment, modern helmets, grottos, the furs were a bit of a rift. But only some people probably noticed. It was for connoisseurs. It was for connoisseurs, you know, a snack for connoisseurs. Yes, but I personally, honestly, I look very positively at what was visible, because it was noticeable that this battery also has processed vases. Carrier on Jelczu noticed that even the covers for the cabins were made quite tightly, that they had these gift blinds for glazing the cabins.

It really looked cool, didn't it? I mean, I was laughing that if they wanted to make an esterning, they could also put some kind of a honker in the background, but it would be a bit like a feather from Lubav, but no, everything was really done super. No, these Lubavki were enough for the grommers, that there are no interesting accents, these Lubavki were enough. Most did not notice, so good, in general with our beloved allies from the east, they probably did not notice either, but it is worth remembering that this is not the moment where these are combat guns, people are trained, the whole system is kind of played out and ready to act.

We are going in this direction, it is a step in this direction. And what is worth saying, on all these shots, what you saw, because these shots were quite good, among them TV Polska showed it and other media, there is no such thing as a system of IBCS, right? There was ECS command room, there were launchers, radars and other such elements.

Spoiler alert for our viewers, we buy an integrated air defense management system called IBCS and for the unidentified we pretend that we buy a Patriot, launchers, rocket, Patriot, you know, all these launchers are in this, to be honest, the least important, the whole IBCS is the most important, because it will be a kind of a monster, it will be a system of systems that will be connected to air defense, in general, a bit of High Mars launchers, in general F-35, you can put it in, in general, you can put F-16 into it, a few other things and it will be, you know, a super brain, monster, monster that will manage air defense, anti-aircraft, country and will have a few more other things and it is, listen, damn expensive, damn, damn expensive, it is very, very important and it is quite a big proof of trust from the American side that they sold it to us, yes, because let's agree that this IBCS is not something that sells, yes, oh no, and please, you have a lot of petrodollars, we will sell you two, no, it doesn't look like that.

Especially that IBCS is de facto at the moment of introduction to the US Air Force.

We are the first foreign receiver and it turns out that we de facto de facto will be the first to introduce this system equal to the American one, of course on a smaller scale, yes, without certain functions that only Americans have in terms of, as if, in fifth sensors, yes, for example, we do not have AWACS, so something will be missing, but it will not be the weakness of IBCS, it will be possibly, well, it sounds bad, but the weakness of the armed forces, which do not have such powerful capabilities as the American armed forces, it is obvious, no? However, this is not something that will be with us later, because Americans have worked on something, no, we are de facto almost equal to the level of implementation of this system, but this is an interesting accent in relation, for example, to the second part of the patriots, that is, the fact that in Poland there were and began, as if, battle missions, German Patriot systems, in the number of three groups, I did not see that.

. . I'm sorry I'm smiling, but when I saw these relations of German television and when I saw the sign Gryp'n'Führer Polen, no, Gryp'n'Führer Polen, no, or Kampführer, it's just, sorry, but it was hard not to laugh at it. There are such accents sometimes. There are such accents.

Yes, German patriots appeared in the country, and if you want to see where these patriots stand, then as you have various interactive maps for drone operators, where they are on the zone, the zones are excluded, then as you go into the map for drone operators, you will see such new zones where you should not fly a drone, and there is a NATO anti-aircraft defense, so this is such a reason for what OPSPEC looks like in the country, because you can just go into the drone application and where something new appears in red, it means that they put various NATO toys there, Polish air forces, and not only, so generally, you can easily figure out where they are on the eastern wall.

And you have some kind of great mystery, because you know, this footprint of such a system as Patriot, even one fire unit, is still visible, it's not like that, even the I-XT, no, I'm not saying it's bad, but I'm just laughing that I know, I'm just laughing that I know, you can just go to the drone application and see in real time where the anti-aircraft defense is, but I'm saying it during the war, because it will look completely different because all drone applications will just be turned off, there will be something like a hat. Yes, or you know, or it will go into disinformation, which will encourage it.

But summarizing what the potential of the ground-based air defense component at the moment in Poland is, I think that it is very important that there is no bad interpretation here. At the moment, the Polish Patriot system does not consider the potential of air defense in Poland, because it is not yet ready. It is still coming to this. Everything is going according to the plan, the next stages of this SICO process are under control. In the meantime, the resort is very rightly in the hands of the Polish Patriot system. It also conducts such an offensive information, I would say, a bit offensive information, in order to show these patriots, by the way of achieving the next stages of training. And this is the Polish Patriot.

I mean, you know, Dawid, I can laugh at these lovebirds and so on, from high-cats, from grotesques, but if it is already showing itself to society, then let it be the top, let it be this cool modern part of the RP weapons, so let the patriots, let the soldiers be a little dressed up, but they actually had a modern personal spade. It didn't look fierce, it looked modern, it looked cool. So yes, this is actually a good moment to show society, listen, we buy a cosmically expensive system, but look what is happening with the neighbors, we have to pay this cost.

What cool equipment our soldiers have, including your taxes, so honestly, I understand it here, especially that, you know, it's also a good thing that, well, I'm a part of the Polish industry, but there are these Yeltsin, but you know, you have this colonization of the commanding cabin, the connection of a few other things. Well, this is also what we were afraid of in the case of High Mars and what is, that is, only the air in the tires is Polish, well, there is no place, fortunately, in the case of Vistula, because here, however, it turns out that even the carriers are colonized, as it happened.

Carriers are some certain, let's remember that M903 ejection, yes, and there are certain components, yes, and there are certain components, as if in terms of the interface, the bullet ejection and a few other things, such as the accuracy, the matter of the mast, what you found on the masts, on the radio lines, radio stations and so on.

However, it is worth saying that this game of Polish input, or even not input, but what we want to receive, de facto, is not only the game of the Polish system, but also the game of the system of the Polish system, which is the system of the Polish system, which is the system of the Polish system, is the second phase of Vistula, which we are waiting for with anticipation, because what we have now, as if already paid during the process, these are the two batteries, i. e. four fire units, four radars, i. e. four places where something like that can be found. However, we still need a minimum, but the plans are for another six batteries, i. e.

the next 12 11-hours, so at this moment we are talking about one fourth of the plan, it will be terribly expensive, especially since there are going to be completely new radars, Ghosti or LTE MDS, a few other improvements and also a larger contribution to the Polish industry. I hope it will be said. But this is a good time for Mon to get to the point and to explain to everyone and show what is happening in Ukraine.

In Ukraine, however, these self-guided Russian missiles are falling, aiming at the power plant, and yet Ukrainians have a phenomenal anti-aircraft defense effectiveness at the level of, you know, we can say that it is 70-85% whatever, but it is about three quarters of the missiles dropped. So this is an absolute world champion. So, in the case of the time when the west and east fire centers are integrated, I keep saying that people will write books about it and people will read these books in some time. I think that the Russian and the Russian will be able to do it.

I keep saying that people will write books about it and people will read these books in some time, because it must be a miracle, right? Authentically. Okay, let's finish the patriots question. You know, Dawid, but let's also remember that Ukrainian anti-aircraft defense was the second strongest in the post-Russian Europe. So let's agree that we have a powerful anti-aircraft defense. Okay, more resources and detectors and effectors are at the level of the second half of the 80s. Or half of the 80s. But if we don't look, we're talking about the second most powerful anti-aircraft defense in Europe, which was with the air forces that are such a. . .

You know what? It's true that the airfield was high under the Ukrainian offensive. And, unfortunately, to pour a cup of cold water, it was a powerful, really powerful air defense, not quite as high as the number, but also as high as the quality, incomparable to what we still have, because okay, patriots and so on, but this is the first. . . I mean, we had one twenty. . . But Dawid, but Dawid, I have to say to the viewers that our anti-aircraft defense before the war was about one twenty Ukrainian. Not one ten, one twenty, more or less.

And in terms of quantity and quality, it must be said openly, that our anti-aircraft defense was basically two moths before the purchase of the Vistula and before the Narew, and so on, it was basically non-existent in the Ukrainian, right? Yes, yes. Except for a very short range of defense. No, because the poplars, the Pyeluns, the Grungrums. . . Yes, because it was not bad with us. The lowest floor, but what is short and medium range, it was almost not. So, all the more, do not be surprised by our joy when we see pictures with the Patriot systems, with the Małonarwie, because it is a revolution. Now just a question to explain.

There are no Polish patriots yet ready, but that does not mean that the Polish sky is poorly protected, because at this moment, in total, for the safety of all of us, there are four fire teams, or in Polish terminology, two batteries, or in total, you can say that it is an old, cold-war battalion of the Americans, that is, four radars, right? And from this it would be statistically that it would probably come out of 12 or 16 ejections. We are talking about one American system, one fire team, which is located there near Jasionka, on Jasionka, Brzeszów, and three, as much as three, which surprised me, because this is a pretty good result, in German systems.

So now, for three-quarters of the anti-aircraft potential over Poland, the Germans answer me, oh Jesus, oh my God. Yes. When I was going on vacation near Jasionka, I'll tell you that I felt like at the sugar shop, because you know, you look, Patriot ejection, the Patriots, the Patriots, the Patriots, the Patriots, the Patriots, such a radar, such a radar. Oh, such funny antennas, it looks like something for fighting drones, right? And so on and so on. I'll tell you that I wanted to, I regretted that I didn't take a camera to take pictures of myself, then look what it is there.

Then I decided that if I stood next to the fence, you know, with such a magnifying glass and started taking photos, it would be very. . . It could be a bit of a waste of time. Yes, yes, so I decided that no, that the idea of ​​a group of these mediocre fools, and I poured the subject, but really, like in the toy store, you know, there were really niche things displayed in readiness. Going into such a slight divagation, and regarding the fact that someone could do something, in Radikov, I mean, the construction continues, but it is in the end the system of Aegis Ashford, which is the anti-ballistic defense system.

I used to have a few good years ago, I had the opportunity to be somewhere in the base area, in this outer perimeter, it was some kind of, you know, it was a funny thing, but it was a picnic in general. Only that I attract such misfortunes, only that I had a journalistic poster, I could bring in a camera, this kind of thing, only that in fact, in the base area, on this outer perimeter, not at the installation itself, there were quite a few people, some concerts, this kind of thing.

And already returning to leaving the base, I had this poster somewhere, I had it in the back, I had it in my pocket, but I was going to pack things, equipment, but I decided to take one more picture of this characteristic, you know, the superstructures with these radars, there were no radars there yet. I turned around, took a few pictures and heard the lock click. And at that moment, the American man, who was very loud, said what he thought about it.

And it was probably the least pleasant of such, I had a few such situations, but it really wasn't pleasant, because Americans approached it very seriously, especially because they noticed that a lot of people were shooting, but they didn't pay attention to the people shooting, but when this person had a camera and wanted to take a picture, the reaction was completely different.

And I'm smiling because it was the moment when the leader of the Polish component, the defense of this base was our good friend at the time in the rank of colonel, who often guests on this channel, so yes, yes, yes, it was that moment, but really, yes, I heard it like a jump lock, I say, oh, good, good, I think I'm enough for today, so it's one of those OPL topics.

And we just locked the hammer, and it's also worth preparing the vision that the cost of the hammer will increase, because generally, when you build a house, you see what is happening with the prices of materials, and listen, the same is with the screw building, with the aircraft equipment, basically prices are growing everywhere, so get ready that the cost of the hammer will go up, because certain systems that cost x, for example, now cost x plus 30%, and it doesn't come from a lack of appreciation for costs, but it comes from the fact that now all the producers are just starting to count like a grain, because spoiler alert, they can. Well, they can, because the situation is changing.

There are no certain stops, because there are few certain stops. So it is also often remembered that contracts are already signed, they will be paraded and these amounts will be higher, and this is not because someone counted something wrong or did not appreciate it, but just some things are starting to be very expensive, and they will be expensive. Unfortunately, unfortunately, and also remember about the cost differences, here are also different things happening. However, it is better than it was, because the coin is getting stronger, and not cheaper, so as I remember recently. Okay, well, I'll count it some time ago, but maybe something. You know, it's a matter of how the contracts are signed, basically.

Okay, the hammer, the hammer, but there is also information that on the one hand is treated as a sensation, on the other hand, as a completely natural thing and not worth your attention, and how somewhere it is located in the middle, so in addition to the fact that K9, which were the first to come to us on version A1, are used halvises that have been given to general repair. How is this even possible? I am very happy that everyone is getting up in this country, today the average age of Passat is 20 years, or 16.

So I am very happy that everyone on Twitter is deeply overwhelmed by this fact, especially that these halvises are about three times smaller than the cars that most of us drive. But already cutting jokes, it turned out that again, here is Tomek Dymitruk, again a respect for Tomek, he quickly checked the information and pulled out the information that most of these halvises will be new, some of them had zeroed resources, so these vehicles were either, in general, nothing else had to be done, because they were in conservation, simply in Korea, only, you know, they were taken out of the warehouse, the seals and the hatches were replaced, while some of the vehicles were reset and modified to this standard A1.

Yes, exactly, because I think it was K9, and they were modernized to K9A1, but it turns out that there will be more new ones than it seemed, but there was some discrepancy in the Mono communication and now Mono has a problem with itself, who is going to improve the communication that he was giving, a little worse information than it turned out, so it turns out that we will have less uses, more new ones, but it's good information, right? Yes, depending on what Tomek gave, 36 used.

Yes, but what I personally don't like is the K9 idea in the Polish army, that I am a fan of Krab and I would prefer to have even more developed Krab products than see K9 in the country, but okay, Mono optics is such that you had to quickly buy AHSs for those we gave to Ukraine, 72 pieces were sold in Ukraine, this can already be officially said, which means that most of the Krab products we had were sold, but we are producing Krab products to meet what we gave to the Ukrainian nation, in addition to Mono ordered K9, but what I personally don't like or I don't like very much is that there are rumors that Hanwa Polska will be created and that these vehicles will not be serviced in the Polish defense industry at all, but Hanwa Poland will become a target company, with some kind of participation, I don't know who, or some joint venture and that it will be a company that will service this equipment, so if it were, it would be weak, right? Well, but you know, we'll see what else happens, but such rumors are flying around Lidl and it would be not cool, right? Because it would mean that the competition for the Polish defense industry would be installed in Poland by Mono.

Yes, for the money of the Polish tax collector, right? To the complete, because it's normal. Yes, but you know, to be clear, because remember that this repair system was always multistakeholder, there were those military district factories, there was Czarni. . . I mean, Czarnów Żurawica and so on, when it comes to artillery repairs, there were also the highest levels of repairs, they were done in factory conditions, but we'll see what happens, right? I'm a little worried, I would prefer that KRAB, however, be the most important and most numerous armament of the Polish army, and it's not worth it, looking at Mono's plans, because we already have 212 K9s, and they are not any newer than KRAB. We'll see what happens, but I'm a little worried.

However, it is worth mentioning to the viewers that the third problem is the engine. For example, Alisson is half poor, but the problem is the engine, which is German MTU. MTU bought from 2011 to 2015, it was one German joint venture, it was a joint venture of Mercedes and MTU, there was a half-and-half, and then Rolls, Rolls, however, bought off the Deimer department. Well, the British, because there are still the British somewhere.

Yes, so now the British are the owners of MTU, however, the projects that were started, because the markets that MTU, as MTU, took over before this fusion, they are still in the German gesture, and it turns out that the Germans either have problems with production powers, which would not be a surprise, or there are some strange issues, so we have guaranteed annually how many engine systems we get at some normal negotiated price, but everything above is either we don't give you because we don't have, or the price is from space, and we have a version, depending on who says it, and the Ukrainians had this problem, they have this problem, well, generally, it is not what is produced in Poland with a narrow budget, not what is produced in Korea, for example, from the chassis parts, that is, what is done in Poland, it has no problem at all, because the hatches are from Nexter, then the rest is done here, the hull of the tower and the whole grating is ours, yes, the equipment inside, what is the heart of the Armata Hobbits, i.


the equipment from WB Electronics is Polish, the hull is mostly also Polonized, and there is no problem here, the problem is, of course, the German engines, what they call it, but what is interesting and what has also come out recently, and I think the president Słowik said, is that a daughter company was created in Ukraine, which deals with the service of the countries, this is also interesting service, which is also quite cool, because it was divided so that it is a local Polish-Ukrainian company in Ukraine, which deals with servicing, then, speaking of hungry pieces in the press, that the Ukrainians copied the law, it turned out quite quickly that it was rather not copying, like any reverse engineering, only the guys had the right to disassemble, to turn, to unscrew, very right, but, coming back to these K9s, well, it's better than most people thought it was, which resulted from the fact that the left hand in the Mone did not know what the right hand was doing, but I personally would prefer to see the growth of production forces of Krab than the non-purchasing of K9s, but I say right away that I am not objective, because I am a Krabophile, and I watched a bit of Krab in steel wool, and we had the opportunity to talk to the artisans from Bolesław, whom we greet, and somehow everyone is mega delighted with these Krab, so, well, I will repeat what I have said several times, I know that it is already such a difficult question, but the question of purchasing this party, tens, hundreds of K9s, for now, because Krabs have chosen Ukraine, it would be probably the least controversial.

But it's not just about Krab, David, it's also about the knuckles, about 2S1. Oh, yes, okay. Remember that in addition to the gift of 72 Krab, we gave to Ukraine 147 Krab, so how about the homogenous Krab? Well, you know, someone with gritted teeth said, well, damn, it was a bit of it, and it had to be completed. And if you buy more than 100 Krabs, God, Krabs, K9s, as if critically, it fits in the imagination of something that serves, yes, in a specific context and in a specific time window. However, as if the whole range of the Krab is medium and long-term, i. e. K9s, some A1s, A2s, lack of production power growth planned for Krabs, etc. , etc.

, well, it's a completely different matter, and I don't like it at all, so there are these short-term activities, such as extinguishing the fire, tea, medium, long-term, well. I mean, you know, and I still have the impression that the Polish Life Cycle Kost is associated with the name of the music team, not, you know. OK, OK, OK, you can do that, you can do that. OK, let's go on, because you know, already. Well, in general, right, because I just wanted to conclude that you also have to remember that this is again for the viewers, so that the viewers remember that most of the problems are caused by that we have two ministries, the State Activist Ministry, i. e. Mr.

Sasin, and under him is the PGZ, and we have the National Defense Ministry, i. e. Minister Błaszczak, and under him is MON.

And these are two different ministries with two different bosses who have a little anti-establishment interests, although they work in the area of state security, and MON has its own particular interest, which says that the armed forces must have XT, YT, YT, and it's all nice captured in the period of, let's say, five years, the next, and there is a little bit of a problem with the pro-development thinking, thinking about the service, about the life cycle, somewhere it has been working in MON for a few years, but it is still such a thinking, okay, but it's supposed to be, and we, of course, we sign a contract, there will be a service and it's supposed to be, right? And it's a little bit, it changes, but it's still thinking, it's supposed to be, right? And in turn, the industry, well, it works a little differently, because the industry, if it wants to develop, it has to have orders to have something to invest in, right? Because it was clear from what state the Polish ammunition industry was run, for example, right? So for years of droplet orders, it was a supply, to develop this industry, to develop, to lose certain possibilities, such as the Lusk, pressed intracellular, a few other things, and you know, and it turned out that some competencies were lost, because if the industry does not have meaningful orders, then firstly, there is nothing to invest in, and secondly, there is nothing to train the staff from, and thirdly, as you will see on the Polish defense industry network, well, there is a problem that the employee who will want to work with this ship will be pulled down, right? So it's like, well, there are many problems that should be, in fact, centered, not necessarily centered, but it is, I say, two ministries, and it is, it is, again, these silos we talked about in the last, in the last week, right? Like, such a narrow, narrow treatment of, like, the security system, right? Such a micro- or macro-scale, which is not only a tank, it's not only a rifle, right? Well, anyway, okay, what do we have? I think a lot of curiosities, because I wonder about a few topics that came out and that, so as not to make two hours, well, Norway was chosen by Leopard.

We have to say about it. Oh, yes, so I can say that Norwegians or Norwegians chose Leopard. These Leopards will be delivered until 2031, 8 pieces a year, more or less. They also have options for 18 pieces, except for these 50, how many bought, one? You know what, or not 56, I'm already making sure. Yes, deliveries 2026, 31, 54 pieces, plus 18 in the options. 54 pieces, so the whole brigade, plus 18 in the options. And what? It is said that the Koreans proposed a really interesting solution, the K2NO. Here, the information, why it is official, the narration is that Leopards were chosen because of industrial connotations, because of the pro-European government, that it is a decisive economic relationship, and so on, and so on.

However, you have to remember that these vehicles were quite compared and you have to remember that the Koreans had some problems when it comes to covering this K2 quos, the K2NO version was created from Norway, Norway, and yet it indicates a lot that Leopard 2 is simply better armored than K2, yes, that's to say, whether it was decisive, we do not know, but, well, obviously, Norwegians are not afraid of tanks that weigh 67 tons, as they say. So, the vehicle that Norwegians will get from the year 2026 will be 67 tons? Yes. Yes, it will be 67 tons. Okay, so I did not know that Leopard was so far away. It's not far north. Yes, it's strange. Norway is not especially afraid of it.

Okay, what do we have what else do we have? We have, basically, a curiosity, and I would like to ask you, if you talk about it in the Ukrainian episode, about this blinded bullet maneuvering CH-101, because it is quite an interesting thing. Actually, if we talk about Ukraine, then wait, before we get to CH-101, which you will be able to say what the Russians were talking about, because you posted it on Twitter, I did not talk about it on the Ukrainian airport, you posted it on Twitter, but the Germans use more and more garbage in Ukraine, because delivering Leopards 1, even the A5 version, I treat it as a slightly funny joke, because first the Germans declared the delivery of 88 pieces.

Now note that 88 pieces is not the eighth letter of the alphabet and two times the eighth letter of the alphabet, you can see that these are some weird connotations. So first 18 pieces were delivered, and then, I don't know, first 14, then 88, everyone said that the Germans speak some Nazi code. But no, that's not what it's about. 14 vehicles, that's an armoured company, a company of tanks, sorry, tanks. So we have a platoon commander who has two tanks and then we have 12 vehicles in three platoons, each for four pieces, so three platoons, each for four tanks, and two tanks in platoons, so the company has 14 machines.

And now remember that the unfortunate 88 tanks, that is the number of Adolf's besties, it came from the fact that 88 tanks are two battalions for 44 vehicles, and this 44-car battalion is divided into two tanks in the platoon commander's battalion, that is, for the commander, for the commander-in-chief, and then we have three companies, each for 14 machines. So that's where the 88 numbers come from. And now, yes, yes, and it turned out that the Germans thought that they would first give Leopard 1A5, which is a Polish Merida tank, which we have been working on for half a decade.

However, it turned out that the Germans are more clever, because they were still digging somewhere in the industry, and in total, about 180 Leopards 1 are enough for Ukraine. And these are the machines for which these laughed out, shunned by all Russian T-62M are a hard nut to chew. It's so that you are aware that in total, these 62M are more modern, a little better machines than these Leopard 1A5. Although 1A5 has a slightly better scale, that's another matter, isn't it? It's also about giving justice here. And now it's interesting, I mean, ammunition for these Leopards should be found, right? There are 105, right? Yes, these are the 155.

Fortunately, they produce ammunition for them in Belgium, you can still get ammunition for them from the US. However, I personally think that these 72A are not the worst that Ukrainian tankers could have met. Because even these 55 Slovenians, it doesn't sound like a bad joke, like Leopard 1, maybe not even A5, but there was supposed to be an A3 and A4 version also found somewhere, so listen, it's a tragedy, isn't it? I understand that for Ukrainians, any tank is better than a lack of a tank, but I wouldn't want to sit on the shelf. You know, in the context of such treatment as fire support, it's better than, for example, if you have a problem with a Leopard.

The problem is that if you have a box on the tracks, David, if you have a box on the tracks with a gun, which is actually a tank, even if everyone knows not to use it as a tank, it will eventually be used as a tank, and Americans came with MGS Strikers, 105 mm. The effect of this was that the RZ-1 tank is not a tank, so what landed in Afghanistan? Attention, Abrams territory. Because it turned out that Abrams has 120 mm, not 105 mm, and secondly, it turned out that Abrams can stand 500 meters from the town of Santalibov and do this, and they are not able to do anything to him.

And in the case of the MGS Stryker, well, one or two target grenades from the RPG and goodbye. So I'm afraid that these tanks will be valuable for Ukrainians as a second line, as a supplement to the units that are being organized. Well, I'm measuring it. However, sooner or later they will be in battle, and now it was possible to destroy these T-62M, but it's not a better vehicle at all. I'm talking about some nuances of the SKAO right away, but here. . . Let's not go after the price of the ballistic cover, because rather the 6-2 has the Ford, not the Lopak. No, especially with BDD, i. e.

with these very interesting tank, but okay, I will not talk about it, but your favorite H101. What? Okay, second Ukrainian accent. Interesting, interesting, quite surprising, showing that Russians, paraphrasing one known movie, like to do things their own way. In Ukraine, probably under the documents, it was found. . . untouched, it would be too strongly said. We throw away the rest of the photos. A missile of the maneuvering CH-101. This is an air strike, shot out of 195, out of 160, this type of machine, which, considering the form of this missile. . .

This is the most modern maneuvering missile? In Russian arsenal, strategic air strike, right? It looks like, for this reason, it looks like it was designed according to the rules of reduced radar detection, relatively modern missile, at least that's how you can approach it. And this missile shell looks like this missile was not shot. You can't see too many traces, any damage, fragments, warhead, this type of thing. It just looks like it flew away and just broke up, in this way. And what's interesting, very interesting photos show also below this missile.

Remember that this photo, which we will use in a moment, shows this missile lying on, on top of the legs, right? So we see there radio altimeters, we see the window of the navigation system, but what is important, it is that the Russians most clearly did something that the West does not do and threw a flaring and poly missile on the maneuvering missile. So this missile, at some point in the flight, because we do not say, we do not see any sensors detecting danger, shooting missiles, etc. has countermeasures that may be wrong, either radars or electro-optical systems, or arm-to-arm missiles such as Grom, Piorun or Stinger, or even some Airbus 70, or missiles guided by radar, or radar systems detecting this type of missile. And this is something that American missiles do not have.

What is interesting, the Ukrainians, as if they took this cassette, lit it, there were actually some other missiles, but the fact that, I take the opinion that it is not possible to detect, this missile is not able to detect any Ukrainian countermeasures, these flars or other dipoles have to be shot in a programmed way, so five minutes before the flight to the target, or 30 seconds before the flight to the target, or in another place, the return of the route, yes? You know what else came to my mind, David? As you have Russian POKPR, that is, anti-missile missiles, as we had granites, vulcans, basalt, or DP-500, P-700, Bolides, P-1000, quite often there were descriptions, in technique and imagination, and not only that the Russians were thinking that one missile was to fly to the leader, even without a combat head, which was to manage other missiles in a certain way in the role of flying missiles.

And it was supposed to be a missile that did not have a combat head, but could have, for example, some systems and detectors, and it was supposed to issue commands to the remaining flying missile. And I wonder if the Russians, I don't know, didn't come up with the idea that they would make a similar mix with self-guided missiles, i. e.

cruise missiles, so there would be, for example, some version of a missile that would not have a combat head, but would have, for example, WREs, which detect enemy emissions, radiation, locational stations, and these missiles, for example, fly in the role, and the leader missile, for example, gives commands after detecting that they fly through the anti-aircraft defense zone to fire the means, right? But I say, it just flashed like that, I don't know how much sense it makes, because I know that the Russians, and this is confirmed in the literature, the Russians were thinking about anti-aircraft missiles, but we are talking about missiles that were the size of the G-21, it's a little easier to put such things, right? The second difference is that, you know, in the case of such maneuvering missiles, one of the key features and as a relative and high-efficiency source is that they, in the case of relatively mass use, are supposed to appear at the same time on the target from many directions, using various radar tracks, right? Which is a bit of a complaint that it was supposed to be a group of missiles where, in the case of radiation of one missile, some kind of a link, they are all endangered, right? But, but I say, and you say, the Russians have their own ideas, some are idiotic, because some are idiotic, some are not idiotic, even though we don't understand them at first.

Here it looks specifically strange, I have the impression that it is about some kind of pre-programmed use of these flars, but it is not certain. Yes, yes, yes, remember 9M723, the aeroballistic and ISKANDER-like flars, they have their own VAB-Bikes, which have also been found in Ukraine, people were wondering what kind of activity it was, and these are also pre-programmed, thrown out at a given moment of flight, VAB-Bikes, which are supposed to pay attention to anti-aircraft defense and in a certain wind and spectrum, to simulate this type of thing. What is interesting, there is something else there, so in total, OK, it was found. Well, we have what falls on poor Ukrainians, what else do we have? We have, in total, British, who, as usual, if they didn't unscrew something, they wouldn't be themselves.

Do you want to say something about the flooded airport? And Sao Paulo? Sao Paulo, yes, the former Foch. There was a French Foch. You know what, what's interesting, it seems that it didn't happen on every side with enthusiasm. OK, all right, once again, Sao Paulo, that is, the former French airport, a fairly well-deserved and quite successful project, i. e. the former Foch, it was used by Brazilians for some time, but it was also hit by several smaller and bigger failures, where in the context of its outdated power plants, outdated systems, like the support of the catapult landing, it was increasingly difficult to keep this unit in a state of combat readiness, so it has been literally standing at the shore from a certain moment, and it was its whole function.

In the end, it was decided that it would be a broken ship, but due to the lack of certain elements that remained used during its construction, that is, that it is simply about some dangerous substances that cannot hit the asbestos. In those days, asbestos was usually some kind of cover. It was refused from the government, and it is together with these substances, which were considered harmful, they took it and flooded the Atlantic. And it's probably. . . This scene from the guys from the barracks reminds me of how one of them says that he discovers that he throws the garbage into the sea and they disappear, so he collects something and cleans it, and that it is quite ecological, it reminds me of this airship, something amazing.

But you know, in the West, for example, when kangaroos used Adelaids, the first Adele, they removed all the plates, they decided that they would sink it as a piece of artificial reef, as an attraction for divers, all dangerous things were removed from the port, you know, they were drowned, they made a tourist attraction, they made something that will grow and here, you know, I don't know how it is in Portuguese, we don't care, they decided that the cheapest would be to make a yolo, to haul the airship and drown it with asbestos, and fuel and grease in tanks at 5000 meters.

Yes, it's good that you mentioned it, that the sinking of the tower prepared for this is a great solution, it's probably expensive for you, but it's not only a tourist attraction, for example, in the Red Sea, I wanted to say something about the Pulaski and Kościuszce, our and the people of Gdańsk, but for now, maybe not, especially that in this moment it is a NATO group, so maybe we don't wish it so badly for the guys at the moment, but it will never be, and the British and their H135M, so the last accent, how should you be a British, because it is also interesting, because this is the 5th squadron, I can never remember a British regiment, okay, regiment, in this way, Army Air Corps, so the components of the landing and the helicopter, used the Gazelle helicopters, quite characteristic, generally nice helicopters, in my opinion, from the most beautiful cold war machines.

The task of this 5th regiment was, it is interesting, because it was based in Northern Ireland, and at some point it had both helicopters and light reconnaissance planes. These planes were taken to the air forces, but the task of this 5th regiment was to recognize the image and radio-electronic connected with a rather unstable, not so long ago, situation between Ireland and Northern Ireland. So, it was a rather successful. Wait, wait, I have here breaking from our bunker colleague, from Olka, who just wrote to me that the Americans approved us another division of High Mars and over 400 of the same emissions for $ 10 billion. And. . .

more? And that would be it, dear viewers, thank you very much for being here, thank you for watching, a big thank you to the patrons supporting the channel and the patronite, the board with the thanks. And I remind you once again about liking, subscribing, commenting. Thank you very much for watching once again, take care, see you, bye!.



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