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Odnaleziono Gigantyczną Metropolię pod 3 km warstwą lodu na Antarktydzie

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to be adopted by the scientists of the remaining technology enables the discovery of various devices that later serve humans for various purposes. When NASA received the information that another group of scientists had just developed a device for the non-invasive penetration of uroid particles, it was relieved. And this time science was not disappointed. The device is something like a transmitter of some kind of bionic waves and shape waves. Information about the success of engineers from NASA was sent to Pentagon, where it was immediately decided to place several such devices on spy satellites. Now, each underground or underground structure will discover its secrets.

Satellites with devices with shape waves began to send data to Pentagon about underground rice warehouses in China, about the construction of underground cities on the Urals, about the secret underwater chambers designed to replenish food and arm the underwater boats, and about everything that has been hidden for thousands of years before human sight. Now it is possible to discover knowledge about underground bases of ancient civilizations and cities hidden under the ice of the Arctic and the Antarctic, in which there is ancient space technology, much different from ours. That is why the penetration of cities hidden under the ice of the Antarctic is still hidden from the world and public opinion.

The entire activity is hidden under ice tunnels, which are like arteries running under the surface of the Antarctic, reaching research points where scientists open up with their secrets of giant cities. We can already see the faces of trolls and those who want to give sources. Cool story. If it was a fairy tale, it would be cool and it would be cool, but these things really happen. A certain TV crew had to prove it. In this case, the case got a serious public opinion, and its echo is still echoing throughout our globe, reminding us that we are not to knowledge, but to work.

When the news of the discovery of the Cyclops cities under the ice of the Antarctic spread around the world, the California TV crew from Atlantis station decided to shoot a video on this topic and went to Antarctica. There, contact with them suddenly broke. Soon, all traces of them disappeared. Strangely, no one was too eager to take advantage of the search, but under pressure of the station owners and the law office, the action of searching for journalists and TV operators was taken. Unfortunately, the crew was not found. It disappeared. It spread in the air just then, when it was about the discovery of the Cyclops cities, full of technology and unknown culture that had not been discovered before.

However, a certain group of searchers came across an old magazine on the video tape belonging to the Atlantis TV station, which was shown by the logo on the tapes and their covers. The supply warehouse was located 160 km west of the Vostok research station belonging to Russia. This was confirmed by the US Navy sources. As two officers say, we saw these tapes. We described their contents in detail, working for the army of researchers from the National Science Foundation. It took place after returning to Amundsen station, on the southern run.

Further, sources from the McMurdo station, the main American base in Antarctica report that spectacular ruins and other things that could not be reached by the media were recorded on the tapes, as reported by one of the NSF scientists. So we put it on the zero-illusion treasure, which we explained easily as scientists. We put this information before helicopters with commandos from SEAL landed. Of course, US-supported task force officers in Antarctica rejected this whole story in a way that is possible to predict and the fact of having video recordings made by a missing team from Atlantis TV. The Atlantis station owners could not accept their opinion in such a deceptive way about the search for a missing team.

They wanted to interest the public opinion and the tapes with video recording of commandos landing to secure Cyclops city were broadcast in November 2002. However, not all materials were broadcast, only some, giving an understanding to those who were directing the action in Antarctica that they can expect further broadcasts in case they refuse cooperation in finding missing journalists. The film on the tapes is a key element of the story about the ruins of Cyclops city found under the ice of Antarctica. The action of immediate security of the area was taken when a satellite was sent with the emitters of bionic waves and shape-shifting information about the city discovered under the ice of Antarctica.

As said in interviews with TV news, the US government has confirmed that it will block the video recording found by rescuers from the US Navy in Antarctica, which shows archaeological works conducted 3. 2 km under the ice of Antarctica. The Atlantis TV crew that recorded these shots is still missing. The prosecutors from Beverly Hills reacted to this, where the Atlantis TV station is located. In their statement, they noted that the missing TV crew as the main independent social informant should be immediately explained. It was emphasized that the first and most important thing for this campaign is the safety and comfort of its crew.

They also informed that they will use all means against, against all attempts to censor materials that the public opinion of the United States and the whole world is interested in, because the ice continent of Antarctica belongs to all people around the world and the US jurisdiction does not reach there, which should observe and comment on other nations. As the press spokesman of Atlantis TV said, these video recordings belong to Atlantis TV. We have recorded them and they are ours, and whether or not we will publish them in full, let the world know what is hidden in Antarctica. Without a doubt, the release of Cyclops City belongs to everyone. And the end.

What was left to the public, certainly the film that shows the landing of commandos on Antarctica with the aim of securing the city of Cyclops. The film was uploaded to the network for a while, also on YouTube. Satellite images show a powerful structure hidden under the ice at a depth of 2-3 km. There are already research works going on. Many non-believers criticized the possibility of finding anything at this depth, stating that there is no such possibility on Earth and such technology. They forgot or did not take into account that for some time there is a device that helps satellites in detecting structures hidden under the ice at significant depths.

This is IceCube, a neutron detector located at Amundsen Scott Station, South Pole Stadium in Antarctica. It was built deep under the ice of Antarctica by introducing thousands of spherical optical sensors. At least 4200 optical modules are hung on 70 vertical lines placed at a depth of 1450 to 2450 meters under the ice surface. On the surface there is a dome built of over 280 optical modules. The IceCube surface is about 1 km², and the volume of this scientific instrument is about 2. 5 km². Using neutrinos, you can light up the Earth's surface instead of the R Thanks to neutrinos, which penetrate much deeper than the R, we can even look into the Sun's interior, Reymond Davies said in 2002.

He was 87 years old at the time and received the Nobel Prize for this title in Stockholm. Today, no celestial body is a mystery to science, especially what is hidden under the surface of the Earth. These photos show only a small part of the entire mass of Antarctic land. There are probably many other such places covered with ice, under which there are remains or even entire agglomerations, remaining after some closer undefined civilizations. The photos show us how easy it is to underestimate both the size and scale of the former settlements, not necessarily human. This is what the leading archeologist from the University of Calcutta, Ashok Tripathi, says.

Of course, there is also such an opportunity that speaks for the fact that such a civilization can still function away from people. A year earlier, before the release of the Atlantis TV material, photos of a powerful Antarctic ice structure were published. This structure lies under a kilometer-long layer of Antarctic ice and immediately became a subject of scientific research. Despite the information blockade, the US Army was called to report on this topic.

However, the army is silent, perhaps because the matter is still being investigated, because it is difficult to say whether it is a structure that has not functioned until now, or whether it is operating in the best city of foreign civilization, which may be related to the loss of the TV crew that reached too far and saw too much, and the fact that in 2001 there was some kind of close, undefined rescue operation with the participation of dozens of medical rescue teams. It forced the evacuation of nameless workers of the American government and Rockefeller Foundation. It happened during the first winter season of the excavation in Antarctica. Deinformation activities were launched almost immediately.

Instead of information about the discovery of the ancient city, it focused on the activities of the German Polar Base 211 from the period of World War II. Still melting snow covered other mysterious entrances into the mountains of the southern runway, but they were also scraped or erased. The question that still has no answer is what happened to the TV crew. It has not been found until today, but it is known that they saw something, recorded something that is so important that the authorities banned publishing these recordings, which the workers of Atlantis station replied that the authorities have no right to interfere in the property of the TV station. One thing is certain.

The Cyclope City, as the huge structure under the ice of Antarctica, exists and everything indicates that it is closely guarded by American commanders so that no one disturbs its penetration. Unconditional blurring of photos on maps available on the network, not only Earth, but also the Moon and Mars, may suggest that something is happening in Antarctica. The beginning was the Ovia-on-the-Clan operation High Jump. Then another, more organized. Confirming this state of affairs is a confession or a pilot's testimony working in Antarctica, which was described on the network as a confession of Brian. Currently, Brian is an elderly gentleman. In 1977, he graduated from college in Iowa with a degree in aviation conservation technology.

Then he joined the US Navy and served in the Navy for 20 years until he retired. Brian has certificates of many polar expeditions, including medical expeditions from November 20, 1984. As he says, I am already an emirate engineer who worked for the United States Navy. I flew the LC-130 aircraft in various missions and tasks, after which I served as an emirate in 1997. For 20 years I served in the Antarctic Devron 6 division. I am an aviation engineer and I have flown over 4,000 hours over the continent, about which most people have no idea. From the windows of the plane I saw so strange things that they seemed to be at least unreal.

My annual adventure with Antarctica began in September and ended at the end of February next year. During my stay in the squadron, I flew to every corner of Antarctica, including more than 300 times in Antarctica on the southern run. The McMurdo station was the place of our squadron's work. Flying over the trans-Antarctic mountains, we had to be very careful. However, we did not see any foreign aircraft, except for sporadic flying machines from our corps. Nevertheless, we had to stick to one route and the appropriate course of flight. As if we were in an area covered with air tunnels over some huge airport. It should be admitted that the deviations from these rules were severely punished.

This is very unusual for aviation, because the only aircraft flying on the continent were our squadron's aircraft. Each crew knew perfectly well where other planes would fly. However, the decisions were unambiguous and severely punished. Another strange order was the ban on unregistered flights in the area of ​​5 miles from the base. The commanders and scientists told us that air samples were collected in this area, which was a complete nonsense and nonsense, because we flew over this area many times, loading or starting several times a day. This caused our suspicion that something was hiding in front of us.

Once, due to the evacuation of the Australian Davies Camp, we had to get to the other side of the continent, between landing and the South Pole. The camp was right behind the air sample collection station. The only thing we knew about was that there is a huge hole in the camp, where our LC-130 could easily fly in. After this mission, one of the agents accompanying us behind every flight of the so-called spirits from Washington forbade us to say anything about the things we saw. Another time, when we approached the air sample camp, we lost navigation and all electronic and electronic systems of the aircraft landed.

We were ordered to leave the area immediately and report to our squad leader. When we returned to the McMurdo base, our pilot was reprimanded, and our entire crew was arrested for more than a month in the camp. No one has ever faced such a severe punishment, even though we could just fall. The fact is that we saw many unusual things. One time we took strange scientists and their equipment to an unidentified camp near Mary Bird. After two weeks, we flew back to the base to find out if everything was fine with the scientists. There was no one in the camp, there was also no sign of fighting. The camp was deserted.

The radio was working well, we checked it during the connection with our camp. We returned to the command post. What a surprise it was when a week later we were ordered to return to the deserted camp, where we found all the scientists in a strange mental state. None of them wanted to talk to us, but everyone looked scared and even terrified. When we landed on the scientists, agents in the commandos' assistance were waiting. They were immediately separated, and individual planes took them separately to Christchurch in New Zealand. The entire operation was led by the army, and its government spirits watched. Each agent escorted his scientist.

It looked as if these scientists were in possession of information for the government. I never heard about them later. Their equipment, which we brought from the camp, was quarantined, examined and illuminated, then sealed and sent to the United States in hermetic, lead containers. We have heard many times about UFOs, but we have never heard about extraterrestrial technology, but always about ancient technology of our ancestors. Some of the scientists joked that we could play the role of the dwarfs in their cities. This gave us a lot to think about.

As you can see from the new evidence and the collected materials available on the web, it can be concluded that the people on Antarctica are a ancient continent where the civilization of very high beings lived, whose technology is much different from ours and far ahead of our technology. The hidden and penetrated city of Cyclops is related to ancient descriptions of the expansion of giants to Egypt from the flooded land, which can be part of the continent resting under the ice of the southern run. It could have happened, which is rather certain, as a result of the land's overrun.

Hidden entrances and huge holes and tunnels can be related to the ideas of German occult organizations from the Second World War, such as the Wryll, who were convinced of the existence of the second inner Earth in the 211 base on the southern run and the exploration of the view of the new continent. All this except the sight of people, until the moment of the development of the observation technology inside the planet through the Neutrin operation.

Having such a powerful device in its power as the IceCube, nothing is a secret anymore, and since there are prohibitions for flights over the specific areas of the southern run, it may suggest that occult organizations such as the Wryll, Thule or Ananerbe knew perfectly well that our world looks completely different than it was presented to us. .



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