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Hello, I would like to welcome you on Thursday dinners in Bogdan we've dived in facebook in forbidden areas refer to mamousk soluents and you can already see by sweep the beam too a screen that is selected random and Today we dived into Facebook's banned areas of mamusk influencers and the mind-boggling is already visible from the first glance so a randomly selected screen the girl made a conversation with a guy and threw it on her Facebook wall and on this screen is this conversation Krzysztof writes What will you do if a rat comes out of the bathtub at night? Will you handle the matter yourself or wake your boyfriend up? and she replies I already see how every guy hunts rats every night I've been living for 60 years and I've never had any at home Dinner is cooked every day for it and so here is the conversation from the context for the good day presented and you already know that you are dealing with a sharp cut because you don't know what's going on here some kind of destruction of the guy or what who puts it in these avatars are good, I will tell you all with some stickers there LPG and so on you always know right away or it's a pity that the girls don't put it in because it was always known that you have to do it for the good day you don't have to waste time and here on the wall the girl put it in but it's a mamusk influencer listen I had to get into her group under cover and I write books for children if you want to read about what and for example about how guys destroy women about patriarchy about the fact that patriarchy is like a shoe on the neck of a woman listen, look at the films that the girl creates in her free time feminism is when a woman complains about a shoe on her neck conservatives say that there was no problem with a shoe on her neck until women started to talk loudly about it the problem will disappear if they will sit quietly again voters for the confederation are afraid that taking a shoe off the neck is too much of a privilege for women and for men it means oppression men in the army think that we should talk about shoes on the neck so as not to offend anyone especially those who keep shoes on the neck because no one will take them off and this is a virtual shoe on the neck of course, it makes it difficult for Kukold to diss him but Kukold likes to be dusted so he is also welcome to appear in her videos there is a mythical shoe on the neck that some American feminists invented which is directly known who invented them long noses from Hollywood but let's see these creations which are brought to Polish land now this thought is brought contrary to the appearance, it is liked because it has 2000 likes the boys say that not all men wear shoes .

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . of women with internalized misoandria. Because that's the only way I can name it. What a mythical shoe. What's the point? Tell me, is this shoe 5 years older than the men who work? Before they go on a job? Or maybe 5 years older than women, 10 years older, sorry, or 15 years older than men. Is this the mythical shoe? Or maybe the shoe is the men who go to the market, literally to the market, to the market where the doll is kept, and the men go there.

And these people have no shame, making guns against men in such moments as now, when you need men who go to military training camps. They still make up their minds that they are under some mythical shoe of the Patriarchate. Do you feel it? And if that was one crazy woman, I wouldn't even publish it here, but if someone has 2,145,000 views under something like that, and everyone likes it, you know, mythical, ha ha ha ha, laugh to tears. Well, in fact, laugh to tears, and they will have guests, boys who will have to take grenades for Polish juleczki, which they will throw to Canada to shoot more of such videos.

Well, nothing, so it's standard, I'm a mom influencer, listen, I write books for children, I wonder what she can find out from a girl who has only such bullshit in her photos on Facebook. It's not hard to notice that the competition in which men have an advantage is better paid than the competition in which there are more women. Even when we compare positions requiring similar qualifications. Information technology menagers earn 27% more, women dozors earn 22% more than cleaning people, and it's not about the qualifications, how much work they put in, how many hours, etc.

Besides, this wage gap has long been broken, because we have the smallest differences, listen, if you take the media, all these juleczki, who sit and earn money for cum, and the guys who sit in magazines for 1,800, it turns out that the guys spend more hours and less money in Poland. So, okay, sometimes women are more willing to choose the worse paid competitions, because they are attracted by the work of a caretaker or non-profit. But, oh my god. When women enter the competition, wages drop, when men enter, they grow. Such conclusions were made by researchers when they analyzed data from the common records in the US in the years 1952-2000. There are many examples.

And what, in my opinion, this is an example of patriarchy, because this is a standard example of how, thanks to feminism, they took care of us all, where they let women into the market, they told them to leave the house and go to work, but thanks to this, wages have dropped, you suddenly have two times more people, so you pay them for the money you paid, and you have two times more people, it's perfect for such an American business, and that's what happened.

Since then, women are at work, and they were told that it's the fault of men, not those at the top, you know, the one percent that the whole Bicel is shooting, no, not the usual Mirko, it's the fault of, you know, you meet him on the street, it's his fault, the man, the patriarchy, it's a mythical shoe, mythical shoe, look, the maids earn 82% of what men earn. However, many sociologists say that the factor that stands behind the lower earnings of women is simply the previous one due to the gender. So we all earn less, because we hate women so much that they earn even less, me and them and everyone, but from hatred towards women, and we do less, we lower wages in the whole profession due to women.

Oh my god, what's going on here? If you also think that the most hurted is a white heterosexual man, I do not invite you to the discussion, but you will definitely find an understanding on the websites of New Russia. Oh my god, what were the things, the guards at the camps, when men started to harass women, the average hourly rate dropped by 57%. Who would have thought that suddenly the female income will drop by 50% less than the earnings. Listen, how can you interpret the same data while holding it in front of you? The left will see hate towards women, the normal person will see that you have twice as many employees and 50% of your earnings have fallen for them, because you have the same amount of money for them and twice as many people.

But no, the left sees all this, just hate. When more women settled on the money, the salary fell by 43%. Biologists, the drop in wages by 18%. Programmers, initially it was a profession done by women and not respected. Oh, did you know about this mythical initial profession done by women? No, women discovered computers and later decided to leave it to men, because they are so great that they will do something else. Spray nails at that time and paint, however, is more ambitious than discovering computers. So then programmers in those mythical years in the 1960s left it. Initially it was a profession done by women and not respected. They are as stupid as phone operators. Programmers made little progress until they were men. Here she is being crushed by a man next to her.

Women also discovered the first computer bug. It was a classic worm, specifically a worm. A time when computers were a few drawers in size. Nice father and family crushed her here. Also a mythical arhar patch on the neck. Hello, something is not connecting. Positive in the head of the game. It's like you're trying to explain it and there, like Homer Simpson, literally a positive in the head. Oh my god. And it all connects with a very busy mother. Because you know, a mother for the whole time. Why do men earn more? Because they do the work. Let's do it more. This one writes on his little machine. Crazy writer here. I'm looking here what's next for the photos.

Full equality will not be at all when women do professional work in parallel with men. Only when men do home duties and children in parallel with women. Aha, yes. Because you sitting at home alone, you are so busy that the boy returning from work has to do the cleaning. But the best thing is that under such quasi-feminazi posts always other brats appear, look how Agnieszka wrote here. I was pissed off 10 years ago when working at home editing a movie focused on it. I sit in headphones and the test comes in with a question, what to do for dinner today? I was out of work rhythm. I was nervous because I lost time to go back into the thought thread. I did not answer her politely. Call your son and ask.

Do you feel like having such a fucking drag that not only you make her dinner, and she pretends to put her beautiful videos on the internet, then I will answer you ask your son how his mother asks what to do for dinner. You have grown up such lazy brats, but these boomer girls are also guilty of it. You have what you wanted. Look, the star glued the movies at this time. Paul Densig, yes. Look here with a feather. What a ride. Jedi Master. I told you that the girls are on the dark side of the Jedi. This is what I said last time, that they use bad energy, look at the departure. Full departure is expected. Not dinner for the boy. Let someone make dinner.

I will be 50 years old, almost jump on the rose and pretend that I am some young woman. This is the advertisement of TVN. Indeed, despite seeing you. Make dinner. Make dinner for the boy. Really. Okay, let's see what else is here for the photo. Nothing. The girls are waiting for every moment of weakness that you will find. Just yesterday I read on some anonymous statements where the guy wrote that he paralyzed his hand when he entered the bathroom, listen, when they took a bath and the girl left him because the guy went to L4, he was there for a long time, half a year, he had his hand paralyzed, it is not known what.

And the girl left him right after and even sent her new boy to his house with his keys, as if he was not there to come for things. Such things happen, so it is so. You can be weak, why not, you can look for help. And the fact that the boys get at home with children and prepare Christmas is really standard now. Such a shit. In those times, I say, in those times where we go to the mill, listen, in those times where guys as the only one in all of Europe we are five years old, we serve longer, before we go to the mill than women, because it is paranoia. It is not the Middle Ages.

And of course, the Middle Ages fits such a Middle Ages girl, right? They do not fit all the other things that do not fit them, but what is, you know, they are the beneficiary of something, then suddenly there are no protests about equality, for example, about the inheritance. I never saw a protested girl, because it is not fair that they want to put it into society. When a man earns more, he often feels fired from work at home. When he earns more, when a woman earns more, at home he also does more. I do not know where these statistics from the Ministry from the ass, sorry. I write here next to Urszula Bisz Zdanowicz. Oh, damn, okay, okay, we'll take a look at the numbers once, but let's see what it says first.

It reminds me of a situation from a few years ago. Easter breakfast at my parents. I have a husband in the state of my son. I am in my second male pregnancy. My old, old, childless horse is returning warmly to my husband. Andrzejku, will you do the third one? To be a girl. Me for it. Andrzejek will soon express his opinion, but maybe I will give birth to the second one. Krzasny for it. Well, you don't want a girl? And who will help you in the kitchen? Ha ha ha. Not even in the kitchen, who will help you at home? And shock, disbelief and tears, all that the boy crumpled the girl discreetly. That's how he crumples discreetly.

The girl falls and then she doesn't know what to say completely. And the commenter is crying here, really, because it's something so terrible that a young daughter can help you at home, right? Of course, the boys too, but most often women, right? They also feel good in helping their mothers, they learn various important life life skills. Thanks to this and it has always been like that, but no, now, listen, feminists have their brains washed out so they can laugh at something like this. For them it is an absolute attack, patriarchy and a shoe on the neck, a shoe on the neck, you understand? And in the meantime, the uncle Sigma Male crushed everyone and it's nice, even though he had such a good answer, as usually from these young, just dissolved, you know, feminists.

Or maybe I will give birth to the second one first, and then Andrzejek will express his opinion. Listen, Andrzejek sits, of course, like this Kukolt. Kukolt is like her husband here, who appears in all these roles. So this is how a girl gets bored with this mom sitting at home and call Kold Baluj in Zahaj, even discreetly diss him on every of these photos. Have you noticed how women are told that finding this one is the biggest goal in their lives? Meanwhile, these men use the fact that they have a wife. He made the best purchases in his life. Kukolt, what a face, listen, he's drooling upside down with this wheel full of women. I'm not surprised that he's so heavy because he's gonna be a heavy Kukolt for Adolf.

I'm the most toxic person on Instagram because I talk about equality. I'm a queen on Instagram, right? Cool, okay, we're not gonna give her more fame than she deserves. Okay, that's all I can tell you. And finally, here I have a few pictures, let's laugh, to somehow, you know, spread this drama. And that woman we just saw. First, I show how women have it hard. I got my job in Blizzard Entertainment, in Blizzard, a company that produces computer games, very well known for those who don't know. But I had no experience in playing, no connections, no connections with anyone, I didn't have any so-called acquaintances. But for what I had, I had a big bomboness.

And that was enough, listen, women have it so hard in this life that even, and he has Goldsmith as a name, maybe that's enough too, listen. So women have it so hard that something that's not desirable for a boy, to get a job in Blizzard without experience and acquaintances, it happens, it happens, it's enough that you're a woman, it's a woman's hell, that's the first thing I wanted to show on this party, Arkhad.

The second is Spotyd Kraków, listen, hey, I want a girl's especially, be careful if you're in a Krakow gallery, some guy, about 26-27 years old, usually dressed in a granite coat and light beige pants, and hair curled back, he's walking around the gallery and he's hooking up with a girl saying that he liked the victim, blah, blah, blah, just a joke.

I want to get a girl's number, something so terrible, the girl, of course, threw a photo of the guy, he's walking around normally with his eyes, I've done a professional retouch of this photo here, so that you wouldn't recognize the guy, but the girl normally threw something like that and 100,000 people are watching in Krakow that there's a rapist walking around the gallery, because the guy had the courage to ask, and he doesn't even look like a guy, he's not even, I don't know, ugly, low, whatever, just dressed, he just wanted to talk and he said that a few girls will talk to him that day, maybe a conversation, but it's forbidden, the NPC says that there's a threat, there's a threat, the guy talked, he's following her, and they're recording with their phones, and then they go to the other guys' and they probably watch the recording and they may choose the best, and then they take her to Romania, this is of course the whole idea, some fantastic girl or another cuckold who's in a bad mood, that the guy goes after her, then he records with his phone, and they flirt with their friends and they choose the best, because it's like a Turkish trade, so you have your own, go talk to him, and then you can meet a girl and you'll meet her in this way, maybe to a cafe, go talk to her, and you'll end up in a spot, a million people are watching, and you'll say, what the fuck, they're still recording, keep it up, be careful, the guy is recording, demotivators detected, yes, yes, let's talk about it, let's talk about it, here, demotivators sign, ok, and at the end, here the guy writes, Wojtas, the bomb has 25 years and will not have any bombs anymore, Vasek Tomia, I recommend you warmly, uu, uu, uu, let's face it, that the guy was waiting for the bombs, but it's not like he's going to get out by himself, doing Vasek Tomia, even without sexual relations, with anyone, with anything, except for his big, big hand, which was here, probably, but it's stupid, because maybe he'll hit the only one, in five years he won't be able to have a son, and it will be the only woman who loves such a red-haired woman, and the guy won't be able to have a bomb, because now he said he wants to be cool, that's a good thing, Vasek Tomia is good for Oscars, from big, rich families, where they already have a child, or they have it somewhere, or some playboys who go to the table once a week, they can do such things, but not some nerd from Reddit, who was too much into it, listen, in the phase, he put on an iPhone watch and said that, by the way, you can cut the motorbike, because it was also a mod, massacre, aha, I also had for you, at the end, here from Nissan, I was looking for a video, there is a film from Nissan, from Piaseczna, listen, there is a film, how the boy on Nissan carries a woman on these such thresholds, which are at the truck, as you can see, you can feel so much that the guy was driving in the center his wife on these thresholds, with a Jeep, you know, Nissan but fine, because we drive like this, in the forest, you know, she helps me here, and drives like a security guard Kennedy, listen, in the truck, so they felt like they were driving around the city and the cameras even looked at them from this threshold, in Piaseczna, and they got some punishment, the guy got a fine for such driving, but it's nice to have common activities, and I was looking for this video from Piaseczna, what happened, and from the piaseczna court, I will tell you, there are good drives there, look, there is a guy in a pen, he comes there and he drives various types, there are thugs in our case, they saw each other, and he is in the piaseczna court, I did not notice, the sighting is aggressive, because he got an N, because his legs have a scutte and hands, I saw him, generally there is a good drive, I will tell you, with the courts, there is a short drive, I will tell you, I saw an observer from Amnesty International, he does not give in, he asks the judge what his name is, the judge does not want to answer him, he is angry, good drive, I am in Piaseczna, good drive, I will tell you, generally, from what I see, good crazy people here, I will definitely pass, when I will be somewhere, I will tell you, we have mice again, thank you, good day, I am very kindly, please introduce yourself, why are you acting on the basis of illegal law against the nation of Poland? please, sir, first of all, you have to show that you are a legal policeman and from the police, please, from the police, please, from the police, please, from Warsaw, please, sir, please, please, sir, yes, sir, please, sir, please, sir, I'm telling you, they are strong guys living there.

I see they even go with gliders. Please tell me if you have more rights than me. Ok. I'm telling you, they are strong guys living there. I see they even go with gliders. The guy came with a truck with a striker with deepen the pressure.

I'm gonna take a look at this The miners themselves don't know what they're doing anymore Like those guys who ran away from this leg in this video The miners are the same, this one comes into this car This one left this one here Okay, to the left If someone wants to watch this, I invite you to steal Poles under the hood of Blue Isis His name is WW professional Pole This guy is doing it, good job Polawa I see Sand I greet you And I will definitely avoid As I say A 34 year old woman should not be stuck on a vehicle when it is in motion Of course, because this barrier can be broken here You know where it stands on the truck This threshold Can be rusty And it will fall under the wheel and come over her head And that's it Okay, that's it for today Such a short but rather not a boracay I greet you all And to hear Peace out.



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