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Batman Tumbler Tribute PART 4: ALL FINISHED *Final Assembly*

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Here we go. Here's our set. Here we go. Not bad, not bad. How was it to drive? This is going to be a front end nose this time. We're going to do our step. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. Here we go. This is the crown jewel. Crown jewel to the tumbler. Look at these guys. I love it. So much work, so much time. And Chris, we would not have gotten it across the finish line without you on all that wiring and everything else. Look at that, beautiful. You were saying your finish line was beautiful. Boom.

Should I drop that? So the rear wheels on the tumbler might look like a pretty innocuous detail. Well, Mark somehow, I don't know. This entire ring was done by a guy out in Vegas and it's billet aluminum. So that whole ring, this whole entire centerpiece weighs, I don't even know, like 40, 50 pounds. It's all solid billet. Like literally that Apple box there, they were about half the size of that when they started. It was a raw piece of billet aluminum. That was each spoke. They're held in by a center hub that was also machined by this aerospace grade guy.

And when you think about how deep it is and the fact that there's, you know, we're spinning four 44 inch super swampers back here, it's just next level. You guys, I cannot tell you how insane it is to be in this interior after all these months, all this work with this team, putting this baby together. I mean, it turned out so nice. OK, so I'll show you around the interior a little more in a second, but let's let's get a start up in here. So the first thing you do in the tumbler is you turn on your accessory power down here.

Not going to go through the whole startup procedure, but that's how we know we have power. Those are some USBs for charging. So here we go. Screens firing up across the vehicle. Got your right lane. You got your backup camera. You got a we have a PC in here, a center computer. Our center main screen with info and then our left camera. There's our center startup screen. All custom programmed overseas. And this is pretty rad, too. We've got some toggles here for stuff. Here's our interior lights. You can see around in here a little bit better. So you got your passenger seat. You can see all the aluminum trim work we did, the billet.

You can see over here we have this is control for our flames, our flame thrower and our two accessory drift brakes. And then right here we've also got headlights, which are extremely bright. Now you can't see them in here. We can see them outside, but functioning turn signals in the headlights on the front and in the front of the vehicle as well. On that side as well. And then let's just go ahead and let's kick the fan on. Gages light up. Right. Let me turn the headlights off so you can see a little better. So we kick the fan on. Gages light up.

Now these light up green at night, but during the day they're just like a light white glow when you're outside. But let's go ahead and now let's start this baby. Guys. All right. And then we got our window switches here so you can see we can power down windows. I'm going to power this window up right now. Lock myself in here. And yeah, got our firewall in. Pretty insane. So yeah, this PC is really cool. We can connect to right now we're connected to Wi-Fi here so can literally use the Internet or anything like that. But the vehicle also has its own it generates its own Wi-Fi and it has Bluetooth.

So anything you want to do Spotify stuff like that. And then up here we've got a CB radio which is functioning. I haven't pulled it off the edge yet or turned it on as much. But yeah, this works. So if you want to it's a PA. You want to be able to tell people to watch out or stop following you to your house. I'm dropping stuff. Then that's how you do it. OK, you guys. Now she's loaded up and hydraulic tilt. We were tilted completely up to the sky. Obviously a little stressful loading something so massive onto a trailer like this. So yeah, she's on there though.

And Mark and I will be cruising down the highway today. And if you're heading to Vegas from California, you might see the Tumbler getting pulled by the black F-250 today on the highway. So we will see you guys at SEMA. I thought I would document a little bit of getting the Tumbler to Vegas. So yeah, I'll film a little bit if we stop if anything else interesting happens. Look at this line like you could be going past me in the left lane. We got a car here taking pics. What's up? I got to stay on the road every time I look to my left. I kind of drift off the road a little bit.

I come outside and this is what I see. It attracts all the kids. I got the Halloween costumes. It's amazing. I love it. I love it. You guys look great. So everyone who goes by literally stops, takes their picture just like this. Road's wide open in front of them, right? Stops, takes their picture of the Tumbler. It's so funny. Shit, man. Alright you guys, so we're here in Vegas. We're outside. There's no way I'm going to get this clip for you without people in it because everywhere the Tumbler goes, I try to do it outside of the Hilton, the hotel that I'm staying at, the New Resorts World.

They babysat it last night, did a very good job. We got all the way here. It was pandemonium on the highway. I'm sorry that the second half of this video was a little choppy. Thank you so much for watching. We're bringing it to SEMA. It'll be there. We're in West Hall if you want to see this thing. We're here all week. And then after that, I can't say where it's going to be. But thank you guys. Please, if you like the build, like this video. And if you like the content that we're putting out here, subscribe.

I don't make videos that much, as you guys know, but I promise when I do, they will be cool. Thank you guys so much. Peace. .



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