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Dlaczego krypto inwestorzy to idioci? | Kwadrans z Kangą #137

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And what are you doing? I'm making a song. Why, Czarek? Good morning. Today is Tuesday, the 21st of February, 2023. We are celebrating the anniversary of the death of the late Natalij Fortunat Eleonora Gumpert Kleistut Wyszednig. Today is also the last day of the carnival. The weather is 6 degrees in Gdańsk, it's cloudy. The winter calendar is 26 days away. The price of the token is 2. 79 USD. The price of Bitcoin is 25. 061 USD. The current number of the block is 777. 607. There are 62,393 blocks left for the halving, which is about 415 days and 1 hour. My name is Kamil Żynda, with me is Łukasz Żeligowski. Hi.

And this is episode 137 of the Quarantz with Kanga. Let us know how to hear us, how to see us, because without it we will not say anything, and you will not see us. In the so-called meantime, I have a question for you Łukasz. I'm scared. How many teeth does the dentist have? I don't know. It's logical. It's also logical that, as the tradition says, it's time for the market. What is happening to him, Łukasz? We are still half a hundred. Yes, it's happening on the market.

I have to say that at the moment you will find someone who is a bull, I mean, who is a bear set up for the market and will say that we have a bull. And here it will be $ 13,000, $ 5,000 for Bitcoin, it's not there. I mean, maybe someone will miss out, the worst scenario was the miss out. Listen, there are already increases, although possible drops, but rather increases. So it's a very moderate optimism among the biggest pessimists, and among the optimists, it's just, you know, normally. . . We're going to the end. Yes. We've already had a bull. Listen, I've seen over 10 analysis related to the growth of Bitcoin.

Interestingly, each of them was built on the basis of previous hosts, but the fact is that in different shots, different initial points were determined, otherwise they were looked at halving. One analysis said, okay, how many days from halving starts the start, others say how many days after halving starts the start. There were a few others based on other indicators, i. e. this starting point, the figures were taken in different ways. Generally, the most optimistic was that in the end, 2024-2025, where there will be one of the peaks, it was, you won't believe it, $ 450,000. It must have started already, we would have made it.

You know what, looking at the increases before, it's not impossible at all. But the truth is that we are currently fighting for a lasting break of $ 25,000, something that seemed impossible a few weeks ago. One of my friends is still waiting for $ 16,000, because that's all we have to buy. I greet you, of course, but there was resistance to $ 200,000, I think, so bulls didn't beat the bears. But the truth is that this drop showed that the potential of the market is growing all the time, and everyone is set to be a bull right now, so I remind you that it is not the time to invest.

But what mistake do people make most often in such situations as now? Now we thought that Bitcoin would fall to 15, 16, 10, and it's growing. And now there is a certain moment in our heads that it would click, if we decided, okay, this is an increase. Exactly, so that it doesn't click at 60, for example. Now is the moment when I think it's worth considering if someone had a low-cost strategy, or not to go out for a while now, because this train can leave, and then we'll wake up when it's 50, and then we'll say, okay, it's going to grow.

Then it will fall, right? So this is the delay we have in the attitude, which often causes us to make bad investments. An interesting opinion of one of the analysts was that the drop in the current correct to 20, 21 thousand would be beneficial, because it would allow those who have this mindset to enter the market, which would increase the dynamics of the increase. We will see. In ETH we test 1. 8 thousand, the lower threshold set by most of these analysts, I say these are those who are writers and painters, but 1. 3-1. 4 thousand dollars. However, the 1.

8-threshold will show that we will not stop at this, but we will move on to 2. 1-2. 2. These are the settings. In fact, the market seems to be incredibly positive right now. Despite these attacks on Binance, BUSD, something is still appearing there, the market will not stop. It is clear that something has happened here. Accumulation at levels of about 20 thousand dollars was very high. The fat guys bought a lot of things. And now it seems to me that it's time for the price to go up, because they have to earn.

Yes, I saw recently, I don't remember who, frankly speaking, such a prediction that it has hit all the predictions I have seen so far. That by 2030 Bitcoin will cost 100 million dollars. Okay, I will keep one. Except for the bit, I haven't seen anything bigger so far. But the on-chain data also tells us a bit about the situation that the multilayers send bitcoins from the on-chain portfolio to exchanges. So I think they have probably already bought about 16 thousand on these bitcoins. They are preparing to sell at 30-40 thousand. Probably yes. And they will push back to 20 thousand and then they will buy and we will have a shot.

We will be in a hurry. Generally, all the charts look more or less like this. That a short-term growth is expected, just around 60-50 thousand, some say 40 thousand dollars, then there will be a correction, but with a drop rather in the 25-30 thousand, not lower. Then a new shot and again somewhere there is a correction around 100, then 170, 270. Yes, and up to 100 million dollars. And up to 100 million dollars. Tell me about some on theurb quiz.

In General, I don't know if you know, aます myself I found out recently listened one interview I read with Vita Gucci who is the cheating creator in Etirium and he told about how in 2007-2010 was a very committed player in World of Warcraft. One day, he woke up and it turned out that Blizzard, the game creators, Blizzard Studios said that they would cut some damage, which is the damage that Vitalik's favorite character does. He said that he lay down on the bed and cried all night. Then he realized, because it was his favorite character, and suddenly someone, who is not known, centrally decided to reduce the damage that is caused by this character by half.

He then decided that centralization is bad, something decentralized should be done, and so the idea for Ethereum began. And now, as I read it, I said, actually, these gaming NFTs have practical use, because releasing these characters in the form of NFTs makes it impossible for the game creator to change the parameters. It's pretty cool. But on the side, Ethereum, it turns out that we have the biggest Ethereum deflation ever. The huge amounts of Ethereum are burned, much larger than the production, so we have real deflation, and on the other hand, the need and adoption are growing. So we have less and less Ethereum, and more and more people want to have it.

Additionally, the mass of this Ethereum is still increasing, which is frozen for Proof of Stake. Because in general, the available amount of Ethereum is decreasing. I would say that $ 2,500 is some kind of a good move, especially in the context of these developing layers of others, where we have an increasing number of blockchains, which are such sidechains and use the security that Ethereum gives to carry out a lot of transactions in a second. Is Proof of Stake possible? No.

Do you think that after the introduction of all the changes that are made in Ethereum, when the price of gas will drop a lot and the price of Ethereum will be very low, then what sense will these second layers have? First of all, I must say that it may turn out that it is not possible to do this. I will remind you that a few days ago we had, maybe not an accident, but the price of Ethereum was again pushing. I remember that when I counted, it was $ 250, it cost a transfer of ordinary ETH, so it's madness. Because someone released some NFT or something like that. It's amazing. It was not like that. Yes.

However, I would say that Ethereum has a future ahead of it. I heard a podcast somewhere where they were talking about Ethereum killers. Cardano. Cardano, Cosmos, Polkadot, Lisk. Lisk, oh, I almost reached you. You reached far, you almost dug out Lisk. The fact is that some of these blockchains have found their niche. Cardano, for example, or Cosmos, they work, they have interesting concepts. But generally, I can say that I don't see a great future here. There is Polygon, which can be said to be a second layer. There is Algorand, which has an interesting approach to security and data identification. One of the most interesting blockchains at the moment.

I think at least that this is something that is worth supporting. But it looks like Bitcoin is always the king, and Ether will be the second network, the second blockchain used. Although I don't know if you heard, there have been NFTs on Bitcoin recently. Bitcoin Cardinals. What are they sending here? Listen. Pixels? It turns out that you can, and it's quite a lot. We had a bit of a push on the network on Bitcoin recently, the fees have increased again. And now you can wonder if it's a good move that something like this is being created, because Bitcoin was supposed to be for storing values, not for any NFTs.

Nevertheless, it turned out that the adoption of Bitcoin has definitely increased. And these fees also have a positive impact, because, I will draw your attention, miners also have to live off something. Soon there will be halving, and what then? Will this halving cause the mine to stop being totally unpaid and suddenly the miners will disappear? I think the price must go up. Okay, that's a solution. Yes, with every halving, I have already experienced the third. Third? Yes, the third. And it was the same every time. Before halving, it could not be decided here.

Halving itself was a drop, and after halving, the price slowly returned to such levels, which were satisfying for miners, because they do not dig it for 90% of the value, but they dig it for 50% and have a lot of profit. They must earn money. Yes, and in general, as for earning money, we have here a gentleman, Charlie Munger, the title of our episode came from this gentleman, he will tell you about him recently. This is Vice President of Berkshire Hathaway and the right hand of Warren Buffett. You are already old. 99 years old. And he said that people who invest in cryptocurrencies or use them are just idiots.

And interestingly, this gentleman here, you can see, is full of capitalism. I think that one of the largest investment funds in the world said that the Chinese President did very well on this topic. He just cut off one hand, said that enough, cryptocurrencies are B and we do not use them. Hypocrisy is going beyond the scale, right? I would say that this is it. Do not agree that this gentleman is a capitalist. It is so that people are capitalists when they have to earn money. And when they earn money, they would prefer central management, because it bothers them that someone is still biting them and forcing them to do business.

They would prefer to take a position up there and cut off from the rest, for example, because of regulation or some legal difficulties. And this is confirmed. You can see it in all these wealthy people. At the beginning, when they fought, they fought in the free market. Then they had fun, they made money and now they are fighting the free market. They are supporters of communist China and the methods used there, or generally such a murder. So I would say that unfortunately this gentleman has gone a little bit. And both because he is older, because he is 99 years old, but I admire him. I admire his industrial skills, that he still works.

In the sense that he should not be here and invest in the industry. He is doing interviews, he is engaged in work, so he is always smart and intelligent. This is a revelation. I would like that. I would like that too, but when I hear that national currencies are like air and take national currencies from you and enter the crypt, how to take air to people, I don't know if I have time for this gentleman to leave the scene. I see in the comment that Maciej asks what is new in Kansas. Maybe we will say something about it, because this week he was covering many things.

It was so crowded and it was like a bag of gifts. Yes, we had listing and guvers yesterday. This week there will be a lot going on, because we have a listing of smooth love potions today. Tomorrow there will be new lessons at Kanga University. We invite you, because new things are coming all the time and we will continue to develop here. I think you can find out interesting things, because I also read recently. And you can get trained. Tomorrow we also have a winner's announcement in the trading competition United, which has been with us for a while now in Kansas. We will be listing Illivium, we will be doing AME on the 23rd.

Yes, at 16. 30. AME will be dedicated to our new service. That's right, it's a big thing. Sellback, which is a bitcoin sale with a purchase right. I can sell you bitcoin, but if I think about it, for example, after a month I can buy this bitcoin from you after the set price. So you give me 20,000 zlotys, I give you bitcoins, such a part of the contract we have, and I say, if I want, I can get these bitcoins back in a month, if I give you, for example, 22,000 zlotys. I take 20 and my choice, whether I buy it from you or not.

If it turns out that I don't buy it back, the effect can be that you have to, the system takes care that everything is calculated properly. I invite you to the website, because we have it exactly discussed there, and you can see how it works. Very comfortable service, we invite you on the 23rd, so it's tomorrow, Wednesday, at 16. 30 to listen to it. Thursday? Today is Tuesday, of course. So on Thursday at 16. 30, we invite you to AME, we will be exactly translated. And we invite you to the website kanga-counter. pl slash sellback, there you can find all the information and also if someone goes to this website, there may be a surprise to use in the future.

Another interesting thing that has appeared, Kanga Pay has been working for some time, but we decided to do something more spectacular and we did something we called Kanga Terminal. For now, it is in the web version, only in the browser, but soon there will also be a mobile application that will only serve to make payments using Kanga Pay, so a payment terminal, if I want to do it in a regular store, not an internet one, physically, I want to withdraw payments, I will be able to make such a payment using this application.

Someone who has a Kanga account will be able to pay with any currency, and I will get what I have borrowed, for example, I don't know, maybe I will get a coin, or Ethereum, it's my choice, but generally it will be simple. We called it a terminal because it will look exactly like the payment terminal we have in every store and it will be as simple as its service. So Mrs. Basia from the vegetable store will soon be able to do it and we will be able to pay with Bitcoin for petroszki.

Of course, and I think that in more stores than you think, we hope that we will be able to announce this type of alliance, alliance, cooperation, we will announce it and we will be able to boast how much in many places you can pay with Kanga. I would like to say one more thing, we have a lot of new markets, I would like to pay attention to the fact that there will also be some tokens related to artificial intelligence, which we have been talking about recently.

However, this is something that awakens imagination, it works strongly in different ideas and we decided that since there are interesting projects, they want to be listed on the Kanga, we invite you to do it, and these projects will be listed in the next 7 days, the queue is long, we do not want to announce it, if we are not 100% sure, we do not announce it, but also because the number of NIS that we can give is limited, we can not say everything at once.

I was a little disappointed recently, I don't know if it was the same with GPT, but at the same time with this agency, because someone asked a very specific question, that there will be a crash on the stock exchange and the stock will fall. It was February 15, it somehow passed, I think there was some kind of a lockup and now it is developing, but I do not believe that something can change in this area.

What do you think? Listen, you know what, I am shocked on the one hand by artificial intelligence, and on the other hand, I still have my experience from my student years, when we created this type of things in the studies, and I am aware of the limitations of this solution, but I believe that artificial intelligence will actually be something helpful, I do not believe that it will be able to predict. Well, yes, but as we discussed, it can create a situation. Yes, maybe, because if a lot of people believe something, I will say something myself.

I will also add something about AI, I have a participant in such a course, where there is a person from Microsoft, quite high placed, and I recently asked about the cooperation of Microsoft and OpenAI, and I got such an insight info, I do not know how much I can sell it, but I would like to say that by the end of the year, OpenAI as artificial intelligence will be implemented in all Microsoft services, in the world, through all other Office packages, we will see, I used a little of this bingo, I told you that it turned out well. I heard that he can be aggressive. He has a depressive state. He has to deal with the clouds of artificial intelligence.

Here, Bazm asked why there were no interest rates on staking today. Yes, a small failure, but our systems are so structured that if there is any suspicion that something may happen later, we will stop it. At the moment, the team is already sitting and I assume that in a short time it will be calculated. So that there are no doubts, we will definitely inform you on the telegram when the staking will be removed. Here we will also tell you about Binance and its probably exit from the American market. This has been happening for a long time, because there were first restrictions on payments, I think up to $ 100,000.

Yes, let's remember that Binance and US are two completely separate entities. Binance and US are for citizens of the United States, and Binance is for the rest of the world. It is said that Binance and US are to be resold or that Binance will stop leading this Binance and US. I read this in one of the articles, but I also read the statement of the CZ itself, which is a US-based cut from this type of information. All the saints of the Americans have already joined them, because they were highlighted by the Sec. Commission on the Trade of Original Instruments, we pay justice to the United States and the IRS, that is, the United States Tax Administration.

I think that all the saints have joined them, and there may be a bit of truth in this, because I also read that they have, well, that's what CZ said, that it will not happen, but there the rumors are that they are going to list the USDC, which is a circus and is American, because they want to get rid of all the assets that come from the American market. It would be an interesting game, certainly an important blow to the USDC itself, which is trying to work here. I also heard that the fact that they are taking over the USDC was just from such a nice whisper by the USDC, by the circus.

Yes, and here, coming back to the exchange between the circus and the Tether, now Tether is starting to dominate again. Yes, in Kolomotiejo. Speaking of Kolomotiejo, I don't know if you've heard, China is likely to legalize Bitcoin again. Really, these four steps will start. They are doing it, because listen, It's going now, we have to get to China. Yes, we have a Bitcoin cycle, and they are exactly based on the cycle of bans and banning Bitcoin by China. Very interesting. I hope that when we see it, it will really buy. I don't look at it, I buy it, because it means that it has definitely grown. I still buy it.

And here, I think that everything is here. I think that this catalyst of this beast that is now transforming in the hostel, because it was Tether that fell last year, and everything else is here. And here, too, such a stone to the garden, that here it probably paid 100 million dollars right after the fall of Tether. Yes, I heard about it, 10,000 Bitcoins. Nice amount. These were supposed to be Bitcoins that were supposed to be used to defend the UST. If the allegations are confirmed, then the Dukfond has a problem. I know that SEK has taken over. You have to go to the next one, because it's rather a big scale.

I know that SEK invited him to organize such a criminal project, an enterprise that was supposed to be used to just spend money. Oh, this is. . . we'll see. I remind you that the rules of the competition are such that today, writing in the comment, hashtag Quadrant with Kanga 138, you can submit the price predicted by you in a week, which will be Bitcoin at 9 a. m. , i. e. in dollars. Specifically, it will be the BTC market to the omega dollar. We check that the one closest gets the prize. This prize is 10% of the upside down under this video. How much did the film have upside down? 679.

So 60, almost 8 Kanga will be the prize today? Oh, damn. We have very good prizes. Yes, good prizes. Tell me, did someone win? Did someone predict such a price? Yes, Tomek won 4753211 and predicted the price of 25,000 dollars 200. He was really wrong. Congratulations, Tomek, contact our support to determine the way to choose the prize. We encourage you all to write in the comments, click thumbs up, recommend this film. We want to increase the range. I see a funny comment, Bazm wrote that BUSD is Chinese, USDC is a coin from Wall Street, USDT was established from the camera, one big massacre, we only have OPLM.

Yes, and omega dollar, omega fund, and omega euro, of course, this is true. I like this attitude. I saw that there was a question about a mobile application, I have to say that we are fighting a bit with OPLM, but we can say that we have finished this fight and a new version of the mobile application will appear soon. In a moment. And Kanga Pay is planning to have an application in the future? Yes, I bet it will appear on the eve of February and March.

It's a very simple application dedicated only to receiving payments, so we can install this application at the counter on the phone or leave it at the cashier, because it cannot do anything dangerous, it only serves to receive payments with Kanga Pay, and it is 100% safe, so you can give it to a worker to cash it. If you are interested, please contact us. Yes, we will explain with support. Maybe we will also expand Kanga Pay a bit to explain. It is worth coming back to the topic, because I think it is very interesting and futuristic. I can't wait to go somewhere to the store next door and be able to pay.

I like to pay with Kanga Pay, it's cool, but paying with Kanga Wallet will be a revelation. We also invite you to set up and order Kanga Pay cards, because it makes it easier for you all over the world. It is really useful. You can easily send cryptocurrencies and pay in many places on Earth. There are cashbacks, a lot of services that are also available, and you can also pay for the cash through Blik, for example, using ZEN cards. Just add ZEN cards and send the funds to Kanga. And they are registered immediately.

So if any of you are thinking about buying Bitcoin and are afraid that its bank will stop its transfer when it transfers to Kanga, we encourage you to set up a ZEN account. ZEN has a good contact with us, a good system, they definitely do not stop transfers from ZEN accounts to us. There should not be. . . Please. Miśgogo asks if we are running a recruitment in Trójmieście. I have a speciality from tax, I want to go to the dark side of power. If we are going to the dark side of power, we are not after the bright side. But if anyone is interested, I encourage you to send a recruitment to maupakanga. exchange.

Send information about yourself, some CV and a motivational letter. But it's not about being a template letter, it's just why and what you would like to do in our country, where you see yourself. We encourage you. We have enough work. We can't complain about lack of work. Two blocks have already passed. Yes, it always passes when we talk to you. I greet the Kamil fan club right away. I hope the fan club is happy that Kamil is performing today. I get information on my Facebook from friends and colleagues. I don't know when I will be there, but I will be there for sure.

Two blocks is enough time, because I have a stomachache all the time. I don't know how much time I have left. We can end slowly. I encourage you to rate this episode on a scale from 1 to 6. The best episode in the world. You wasted my life. I'm going to tell you. Please show us. As you can see, this episode is very important for us. I hope to see you in a week. In the meantime, I remind you about AMA Thursday. Which one? At 16. 30. And of course, on Saturday, no comment. Of course, we invite you. At 19. 00? Yes, at 19. 00. Please subscribe, comment, like. See you soon. See you.

Thank you, Łukasz. Bye. .



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