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How to Read the Cryptosteel Capsule

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This is a demonstration of how to read a recovery seed from the Cryptosteel capsule. This is a 24-word recovery seed securely backed up inside the Cryptosteel capsule. You'll need a piece of paper and a pen or pencil. The capsule is designed specifically to prevent accidentally revealing the password. Check to ensure no one can see or record your recovery seed. Remember to destroy the paper copy afterwards. The password is read from top to bottom by sliding the tiles one by one using the tip of your pen or pencil or simply with your finger. Read the seed by sliding tiles on the core, leaving a free space between them.

Remember to distance the tiles you've already read on the core from the rest. Create a numbered list of words that make up your recovery seed on paper. Never take off the fastener. This procedure is used for checking whether our hardware wallet is properly configured, restoring access to a cryptocurrency wallet or migrating wallet access to a new device. We're demonstrating a recovery seed generated by a hardware wallet in BIP39 standard, consisting of 24 abbreviated words. Each word is abbreviated to three or four letters. These abbreviations are stored on the core of the capsule in the correct sequence, divided by separator tiles. The recovery seed is in the BIP39 standard, used to facilitate human crypto interfacing.

The seed consists of 12 to 24 words from a predetermined set of 2048 words. In this particular case, the words can be in either capital or lowercase letters. The symbols are deeply engraved in extremely durable stainless steel tiles. We've sped up this video, but if you want to see the full process, click the link below. Once you've written down your recovery seed on paper, the next step will be entering it onto your hardware wallet device. Remember to destroy the paper copy after the process. Our intention is to bring you peace of mind ensuring the safety and security of your crypto assets. All crypto steel products are designed for user protection.

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