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Caw, O, Qom - "The Second Star to the Right" #update8 Crypto Spekulacja

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The last update, the place was 11 days ago, I invite you to the crypto speculation on youtube, on twitter, crypto speculation, so I invite you to watch our Polish social media groups, we will also look at the information at the end of the material, I invite you to analyze it yourself because there is more and more speculation and more and more secrets. I will also pay attention to what I say, it can be wrong, I invite you to discuss it, so it is not an investment advice, it is better to play blackjack in the casino than to invest.

Our market cap in these three tokens, because in the last materials we will not look at the price of the current Kao Ehangas Dream, 40 million dollars in these areas, and this long-term trend looks quite appetizing for the possible investment in this project. I invite you to the first update, several months ago, similarly in the next two tokens, O and Qom, is it too late or is there still a possibility for the crypto topic, speculation 24-25 years, next bull run.

And if someone is not interested in 100x or 200x, as I can say fantastically, it is not enough for him, let's take into account that the whole market cap will increase with bitcoin, so potentially we can make these x's even more, when it comes to the eventual use of the price of the token, we can only make 2x, or maybe it will be a ragpull. We are waiting for the next step by step, this mystery is still mysterious, although this information comes out more and more interesting, and we had this opportunity from the beginning, will there be a dip? I hope there will be, so that I can still load my luggage.

As a child, the market cap is about $ 15 million, so potentially smaller than the QoL, and the number of hodlers is much smaller, because QoL has now probably 20,000, and O, if I'm not mistaken, maybe 4, or maybe let's check it on the e-intel-scan, the fastest way. The same goes for the Shiba Predator QoM, i. e.

the flipping of the Shiba as the number one goal of the creation of the same project, but there are bigger things happening, because Layer 1, blockchain, ok, I hope I didn't call it, and Shiba Predator QoM, Metaverse, so we had the opportunity to get these Dohkos, these first shots, well, as we had already in the QoM, the last hosu, nice shaking of the owners, and now this Decentralization Layer 1, we have been talking a lot about this time, the market cap will increase here, around $ 16 million, but potentially a long, long way ahead of us, and the revolution may be the most interesting one.

As recently WaveJumper, one of the main influencers of the community, our TioqaoQoM, admits, we had this time of dogs, Dohkos, Shiba, Floki, and the revolution is coming. Both for us in the birds, Bird Season, Birds, let's check this original ship deployer, in the Ethel scan on QoM, and further connections, QoM O, we already know this in the previous updates, for new people, for the first time, we have done this, and it's been a long time. For new people, I invite you to the Polish groups, or to the previous videos on YouTube.

By the way, I must return to the speculation token, so Hoichi, about this material was also there a few months ago, I sold myself at the previous stage, unfortunately, but there appeared on the telegram group, a person, TheSmartOneOne, who is our Barium, and also said that Dev is safe, I will not go there for now, there was a market cap of 1 million to 8 million, and I'm waiting.

By the way, the next material will also be for another token, but this in another speculation material, and in the last week, it was 9 days ago, we had this token created for the balance, or QoM, or O, or QoM, and a lot of questions came up, what is it, and how to react to it, of course, the first speculations were already there, we have 7 hodlers, as for now, the Ethel scan shows us, the first speculations appeared on Twitter and the community, an interesting thing that this wallet connected to Aoshi is in the pool of this token, and he is already in the Pisu Shibari from this one, from 2 years, 21, and the memory of the word Aoshi, the second star on the right, and the symbolic hour, day, year, 3.

30, and does it also refer to this token? Well, but the balance, if someone wants to know what is it, here we have the volume of this token and this trio, it officially appeared that you can also buy there, and this is interesting, because it is possible that this pool will have its transfer in the future, what is it, and how to play it, I am preparing here for you basic information that I will report, as well as links directly, because I know these materials, damn, there is a lot, literally 1, 2, 3 minutes, for clarification, what are the differences between the Uniswap pool and the Sushi pancake, and the balancer, and this is, among other things, the possibility of creating pairs and the percentage of calling prices, okay, it's probably 4.

28 to 7. 55.

And to get from USDC to Bal token, you would have to make two different swaps, eventually, the developers got fancy and realized they could allow users to set up any pool they wanted, so something like a USDC slash Bal token pool was possible, even more so, they realized they could hook up a ton of these pools together automatically, so anyone can trade from one token in one pool to any other token in another pool at ease, and this is technically called routing, here's the cool thing that balancer does, they take this one step further, instead of just letting you deposit two assets into a pool, they let you add up to 8 different assets in a liquidity pool, now the math behind these multi-asset pools is called weighted math, and it is designed to allow for swaps between any asset, whether or not they even have a price correlation, prices are determined by the pools balances, pools weights, and the amount of the tokens that are being swapped, this might get a little more technical, but balancers weighted math equation is a generalization of the X times Y equals K constant product formula outlined in the beginning of this video, but accounting for cases with more than two tokens as well as weightings that are not an even 50 50 split, next up, they actually have something called a portfolio manager, which I call a crypto index fund, one of the most interesting things that these multi-asset pools allow us to do is to create a synthetic index fund of crypto tokens that will automatically manage itself and rebalance itself as needed, so you can easily create your own pool of four or five assets that you want to hold long term and then let people use that pool to trade with, there are actually two things that I forgot to mention about how automated market makers work earlier, and the first is that simply by letting other people trade with your funds to make swaps, you will actually earn money, how? Well, when you first set up the initial pool of assets, you decide on what fee the trader should pay for using your liquidity pool, because hey, they're using your money, now this fee is usually very low, but when a ton of traders use a ton of money every day for a year, it can really add up, so this means your crypto index fund will technically earn somewhat as a dividend as other traders use it to rebalance their prices, the other thing that I technically forgot to mention is a scary term for new investors called impermanent loss, now I don't have time to explain how impermanent loss works in this video, and I actually already have an entire video explaining it that's been made really helpful to beginners, however, that video specifically does not talk about impermanent loss when there are more than two assets, and I know you would love to learn about that, so hit the subscribe button if you aren't already subscribed and you'll be notified whenever I create a new video.

So, let's talk about the material, well, our Binance32 wallet, it buys various wallets from some larks, but this cow was recently bought again four days ago, it has a cow and an o, and now it's not a cow, but I think that the current value of these cow tokens will be worth $15,000, and the other tokens bought, we'll see, maybe they will be on the KOL. Interesting to get into, is there any other Binance wallet that buys? Well, we're looking for connections, and we're moving on.

Let's move on to the last statements, MoonDame, MoonNight and Sary on Twitter, and not only from the last update, MoonDame, on February 19th, that these memecoins are not to be stopped, first we skip the shib, then we kick out all these dogs, the public office, it was related to this tweet from Elon, from the ACO Twitter Floki, and then kick out the main office from the Washington office, and we have these characters, I think, strong, which are speculatively, it's not some kind of dev, that is, in other projects, where there is an outmap, white paper and amma, not amma, but who follows the glass from the beginning, we can look at these beginnings further.

Qwom, Qwom funding, well, it refers to Qwom, currently there is a second test version, and layer 1, Qwom, Qwom funding. People who expect to be rich every night and think about investing that it is so simple, they will change their world, but typical, make it, fuck me, investor, we do not lose hope, faith, we ignore voices, food, we cooperate, we create a community, we keep our spirit.

And it all creates MoonDame, MoonNight, recently it was quite quiet, but it takes up the voice, and it was on the 19th, yes, up, down and circulation, as MoonDame took off, his favorite position, up, down, so we can go down to 10, increase, decrease, increase, decrease and repeat, and our road can be to the next cycle.

The theory game is bigger than you can imagine, it refers to him and his tweets, well, he even came last, the old one, that everyone wanted a second Sib, he has it, he has it, nextponzy, maybe he has it too, we are not ready for it, but following this character, this character, with this trio, also gives signs, follow the onchain dates, some people see in this, Predators, I see it as opportunity, they see this opportunity, I personally also see this opportunity, Sarah, recently changed her Bionic character, that there is a CWOM here, she is mentioned in the Telegram Community, oh, and CWOM, mostly, she also has her own Polish group, CWOM, take me by the hand, is this Plan Paris? Recently she said she met a new partner, she left, here is the sit-in of Predator, maybe it's that partner Kaku, maybe it's Paris Hilton, Plan Paris, NFT, a lot of speculation, Sarah is quite impressive in person, when it comes to discussions, China Roshi, this tweet is very active, which can be used to find news, and Shaitoshi Kusama, pay attention to the sky, Sarah also said that Roshi will come back to us, he will come back from the sky, I guess it was in the Telegram, in Paris, and Shibaryo also gives signs, I will say that the first case, you can say, ok, that it is a case, someone actually tweets and retweets, someone else gives, but if it happens for the second time, it is a hint, and for the third time it is already an action, like Darkness on Twitter, yes, it probably is also a life, yes, we have these tweets, posts, Shibaryo, we will also see this video, relating to the matter of my mother, Childhoods and, that's exactly it, and it was on February 18th, pay attention to Childhoods and Projects, these are also statements from Roshi, who wants, maybe I will ask for a snorkel every day, where is our second star on the right, shining, so red, and if it's Neverland to me, this life will be there, twinkle, twinkle little star, so we'll know where you are, gleaming in the skies above, lead us to our land, we will be there, and when our journey is through, this time we say goodbye, we'll thank the little star that shines, the second star of our life, this fund, Peter Pan, Alicja, they left Telegram, the last one was Larp, Peter Pan explained by Sarah, and these two people, Alicja, Peter Pan, said that they have to leave the community, because something bigger is coming, and we can say that something is happening there, and not only, because we will have it in the next Twitch, Shibarium, these two last entries, we followed the first one, the second one was on February 20th, and here was an interesting thing about the entry of donations, burnings, connections with Shinai, I was most interested in this picture of Mutsu, where he referred to Eikao, among others, this earlier picture, and the last one, on February 26, Shiatoshi, informing about the potential start of Shibarium, and the most exciting thing was the Shibarium, and here we have a green shadow, on the letter H, here we have two dots, and we speculate that there is no light from the eye, Shiatoshi, from the black corner of his eye, and here we have two dots, we will also be taking pictures, I invite you to your own analysis, here we have Ketti, he also presents the exact content, this description, moving on, this is also an incident, an indication, we have a green entry here, I hope you have a good Sunday, a good Sunday, the first day of your rest in your life, two hours later, I think three hours later, it was two hours later, this blog came out, regarding Shibarium, Shiatoshi, here was Ilon I, Shiatoshi II, but recently Sara was first, and Ilon II, I will also have a lot of such Shiatoshi, Ilon dots, what did Ilon I do? commented on this photo, of course the Kau community, I admit that we have this Kau beak here, we are looking everywhere, Peter Pan, well, the quotes mentioned, what do we want to do with, call me something, impossible, well, this can actually change, decentralization, this is what he described, this Stablecoin, we are waiting, we are looking for connections, as for the specialties, oh, Chardwoods End, but this connection as for minting, on Montejane, well, it's interesting, here Chardwoods End account communicated to us that the contract is completely ready, it was a few or two months ago, recently Shibitoshi Nakamoto started to remind himself of birds again, and probably today or yesterday he threw this photo to the birds, these are not real, this is not his first entry to the birds, someone from the community saw that this photo was previously taken with Kau, it was earlier, and the last Ilona was made in the same place, I do not refer to it, I did not do these researches in depth, whether it really is, and we go even further, as for tweets, Dakin is a character also with Kaum, oh, Koum, Plan Paris, February 19 was initiated, later days were referred to here, especially as for the GIF, he said that the first case can be considered as a coincidence, the second case is a hint, and the third is an action, and as for NFT Paris, then on February 25, NFT Paris, specifically Return to Childhood, Return to Childhood, Childhood End, and also it was referred to as the Plan Paris from the famous series La Casa de Papel, this plan of release, I do not know what the person was there, that is, creating the biggest mess, or is it also caused by our ecosystem? It can only be a coincidence, but a coincidence, exactly, it is also from the famous series, that is, getting back the Lisbon, maybe it is our Raioshi, who works out this system that approaches us.

What will happen next? I think we are closer to learning more details, and I think we will never know who is behind this, this is decentralization, the same as we do not know who is behind Bitcoin, we only have Satoshi Nakamoto, here we have Raioshi, and we have a lot of information about the change of Raioshi's icon on Twitter, which is no longer there, there is Milarepa, people to this day, some thought that it was a scam of this star, I will close the link under the material, let's open these pages, here in recent days, graphic adjustments began to appear, how this whole ecosystem can be subordinated, and here we have the Unification Fund, there is also a small market cap, and I think we are in the right place, the Unification Fund, ex-fund, it has its own power, I think, these are drawings, I think that in the next tweet we will have them presented, because they began to create a potential logo, but as we take care, we will see, here for likes, potentially, oh, it can be this indicator, this drive, as it is on the graphic presentation of the car, the ignition, the steering wheel, and the gas fund, ex-fund, and this whole ecosystem around, which also creates Unification, I think this is already, this is already, well, graphically, as it will actually explain, we do not have the last SpaceX, such a picture, potentially, oh, if there are actually any indicators, Binance, last week it was no longer information, decentralization is the key to future webtrees, article, charges, so CZ from Binance tweeted, when one door closes, well, another one opened, and here he probably meant his stablecoin, in recent times, everyone most important in the Childhoods and community, including Sarah, received a mod status, would something bigger happen behind the curtain? Qom, what do we have here, Qom layer 1, I thought it was undervalued from the beginning, and so we see the price, probably, and I still think it is the price, ok, to enter, because this layer 1, as decentralization, as Kodai wrote in his first blog, will change everything, even on such a background Ethereum I think, and not only because I'm here, a hodler, but what this layer 1 brings as decentralization, on the background, decentralization of the entire ecosystem, on the background of the layer 1, which have their main character, Ethereum, Vitalik, Solana, Binance Martian, here, there is no such main character, here is decentralization, I think that after the movement of this Qom, Qao, Liquidity will come transferred to Qom, as Sarah wrote here, prozely, come to Qom, to his father as a mother, and there will be a son, and well, this is such a solution, a mystery, here is a recent documentation, when Qom makes its version 2, and what exactly is Remix, Hardcut and Truffle, I will throw for you in the link, here will be this material, enlightening, it is quite long, what it is, it is written by Smartcom, Traktów, Open Source, there also on the Polish group, one of the players will throw, but such potential tokens have been tested, I will probably have it in the next part, and a few more tweets at the end, and then the screen shots from the community, and we will also see on the Polish group, these increases were also the last purchase of Smart Money by Qom, but it should be considered, I think that it should be correct here at the price of Qom, after these increases of two months, as for Qom NFT, we are waiting for the update of the contract, and as soon as it appears, because there a certain user who tried to mint, of course, illegally, the NFT and the contract will be changed, with the information they get, it should also be a privilege for new users, with easier, potential minting of NFT, by running QDD, and the last NFT that are created, they also refer to different people, like Anderson, it is already a long NFT, but the last day, we will see the new NFT Qom, Qodai, an important character, Qom is doing it, he also started to write openly, as for the last element, we are also trying to get to our freedom of speech, at Qom, someone also threw his statements here, there were three areas that I thought would most affect the future of humanity, and those were the internet, sustainable energy and space exploration, particularly making life multi-planetary.

I'm going to tell you something, we all thought that, but none of us could do anything about it, we just got high and played Dungeons and Dragons. I think that's enough, you would identify these three areas, how did you prioritize them? How did you create a hierarchy between what you would move to next? Well, I thought about these things in the abstract, in college, I didn't expect that I would actually be doing them, but it just turned out that way. The advent of the internet, and particularly the sale of PayPal, gave me the capital to start a rocket company and a car company, because these are high capital endeavors, but I actually almost ran out of money, both SpaceX and Tesla almost died. I find a lot of startup rockets.

What about this listing of Charter Zant on XT? I think it doesn't matter, the exchanges can list themselves, and it is not made for listing, end of the story.

Remembering the inscriptions of Peter Pan, how this algorithm can influence CME-O, let's hope for us that it will flow like this, it will be more and more expensive to buy, it will be more and more expensive to buy, I mean, don't ship, show what it will be, flipping shiba, I read the first article of Kodai, I remember the increases in the prices that had place in Qom, it's nice that it fell, that it worked for us, and for those who are not yet, potentially, see what the increase was, it was the end of the host, somewhere last, potentially, potentially, I read layer 1, flipping shiba, it will be very easy, I read the second star on the right, article not related to the project, but generally, as for Neverland and this fabulous story of Peter Pan, Alice, from the Land of the Wonders, let's hope we get it right with the next host, but it is worth having your portfolio divided into different projects, for example, the Foundation Unification, and it was already, yes, also two years ago, as for the update of Rayos, we are waiting for the first step, here we have our own blockchain, we are waiting for the decentralization of stablecoin, how it will be created, how it will be minted, shibarium, financial ecosystem, and this stage is still ahead of us, as for Rayos, I think that when we solve it, there will be more puzzles to solve, a few screen drops, as for our recent actions, important, unimportant, also for the community of Kao, a little cold bucket of water poured out, so as not to tie everything to Ilon, to build this project, and then present it solidly, decentralization of social media, I think it's a very important reminder here, many forgot how Kao was born, it was created, many wrote that it was from Floke and so on, no, here, the hunt with Rim was created from Blueburn, these are the earlier updates that we said, how this hook was born exactly, Ilon also tweeted these characters, Blueburn, there were several characters, and this is how Kao was born, by typing in Google Research, we get how a hunt with Rim, in general, not only crypto, was born, we mentioned these signs of the last blog entry, as for shibarium, doctor777, yes, I also throw this light, which is obviously from Onashi, here is already a photo from the background, here we also have information that Mo-shi, yes, this is old information, he sent information about his Dex which is supposed to be in place, and here is the waiting time, this Dex will probably have the name com.

exe, actually no, but. . . he didn't want to do this com. swap, he already needs a swap, and that's what I mentioned, Sara on the Persian group com. community gave the first information earlier, that what Ilon then published, unlocking everyone who blocked, and that was Sara's entry earlier, and then Ilon, it's not the first case, the cases were earlier, then earlier, it happened that, right, our insider writes something earlier, somewhere else, but not only that, because look even further, in the last days, what happened, Kodai, yes, Kodai, Paoloshi, is he on the chat? Paris, NFTP, yes, Kouom, shiba, Predator, on the chat, so recently Kodai became more active, and I'm waiting for his article, because this article, he tweeted on that Thursday, that there will be a new article about Kouom, it will probably be published at the L. A.

1 start, for his next husband, well, that interaction with Shibetoshi Nakamoto, not the first, it's good that there are more, as we know, Shibetoshi is very close with Ilon, who likes to speculate on cryptos, yes, as if he would add him to Cool Kids Club. His husband wants to start his text with Shibari, although it turned out that maybe he will start earlier, and this partnership with Unification, also information about potential cooperation with Unification, and there it would be about the operation of NFTs on Kouom, here we have his confirmative entries, about the protocol, usefulness, trading, integration, about staking. So, we had, about Kouom, one, and this is the fact that Kouom is the cheapest L. A. 1, and this will be the legend, which not everyone, except us, I think, have awareness.

Well, the Polish group, officially Kouom, was added by Community Kouom, Poland, I invite you, I am calm, there is no To The Moon, shout louder, your voice is not reachable so high, this is the last growth, Kouom, Sarah. Someone asked comparing Kouom to Floki? No, compare Kouom to this, I will say here, in the word, nothing. In my encyclopedia there is only one word, Koum, that is Sun, I think, yes? Question, is Shibarium better than Kouom? And Sarah, if I answer, then big people can cry under the shower. Well, Shibarium will be Layer 2, Kouom Layer 1, it says for itself.

Here it was also good, asked question, as for Sarah, as for the competencies, I have no developed question, but the answer, I remember, was related to the fact that people follow her with Shibarium, Sarah followed people with Shibarium, and she does not follow them, and she can think what it means, yes? She asked if maybe our Kodai is an important person? Then she quickly wrote it herself, maybe it's not true, maybe it's true. I think that Kodai is an important character.

The first and last lesson from Sarah's side, fuck off and hold, sign up and hold, as for the potential problems with the stablecoin, CZ, trying to get out of the cage, exit from this cage? Maybe this is a solution of multichain, minting the stablecoin? People think that the price is low, so let's look at our Kouom, for example, and they think, no, it's shit, at a higher price they will probably buy, yes? This is how sentiment works. Let's go higher, let's get richer. I think it's cool that Kouom is actually building something, it's not just a meme, yes? There is no goal, only one goal, flipping the glass and that's it, but here will be Lair 1 and the potential ecosystem is waiting for us.

Yes, that was her answer, fuck it, what about breaking up with a new potential partner, and that's why she broke up and she didn't like Kouom, yes? I have her, she is not good like Kouom. Hmm, well, she wasn't as good as Kouom either. Kouom make me happy. Thanks to her community, it's important, the person herself said, even, the person is not important, but people are important. The final word is if you don't have Kouom, it means you don't believe in God. Well, yes, a little bit. In general, it's already a meme. This is not the beginning, your second heart will be created in your body. In the case of Toshiku Sama, he recently created his own bio, on the schedule.

There was also a description that he is in the sauna, I guess. Was it Rayoshi? Or maybe I will have a throw, here is a throw to version 2, Kouom. And we are waiting for this next update in version 3. And here we have Childhoods End. Childhoods End also changed its banner on Twitter, I don't know if it is still present today, but it's a throw to Shibarium, Second Star to the Right. It was after this Shibarium tweet. Father, my loyal friends. Yes, here the Polish user threw this information to us, that Father informed, and probably he created this fund from the community. Here it says Lopezo, he created the owner of the Telegram group, Kou, Kachopero. And it's been 9 months since these tokens, so we should have a child after 10-13 months.

And this commemorative Sare, I guess it should bloom in the days. Yes, the Shib Sauna, and it's been updating this dot recently, the information about this linked wallet and this pool, the fund for the balancer. We've seen it. And this was also a good Sare entry. As for the last increases, oh, what happened, it wrote, Pumps need oh, not oh. I'm informing it that I'm taking it, so these more important projects, I mean, I don't know, ecosystems, will need oh, protocol oh, not oh, but oh, and it will be oh, that's just my opinion. We're going to liquidate Kilgazer soon. Daddy will hold you hide, yes. And here also informs that Kou will be your dead. Well, I think that Kou, father, mother, Kou and son, oh.

As Sarah wrote, come to Kou and oh, right, these are the memory users of knowledge, what was the last answer. Rayoshi came to us from the sky, from the umbrella, we are waiting, we are waiting. Umbrella. Umbrella everyone, and then on the Polish group. Sarah, Ion then tweets, Umbrella everyone. Oh, right, that was also one of the bird's inscriptions at the end of the icon. And this Ion's inscription disappeared, then it was on Twitter. I threw it. It was, I guess, not Sunday, where he threw the same icon. Then Shiba, then the bird. Oh, right, and this is another case, where, please, look at it, she threw this character before, she threw it on the telegrams, several times. Then Ion throws this tweet with this character.

At first I thought, I already remembered, I saw this character somewhere, I already remembered that Sarah threw this character. This is a very important factor, because this is the second case in the last days, where Sarah previously publishes Unblock, then this character. Well, let me know if you have other thoughts. But Sarah recently threw her gifs with this character. Yes, Sarah recently revealed this LARP, Piotrusia, the new potential that he was fighting for, Community O. This user also personally did not suit me. And she revealed that no one, no admin will ever be here, she asked for your money, asked for community, be careful. She already mentioned it before and it confirmed that the new LARP is fucking rich. Lambo and. . . I don't remember.

And Sarah reminds me once again, that what she is supposed to do will happen. Also, that's what we expect in this ecosystem. Don't Zomp on any LARPs. Exactly. Don't trust anyone, even me. But be here with love, be here. This is the entry, she also said it before. And it's good that she reminded me of this new LARP, because there are more of them in the group. And the question, what if they have all important memes from our Devian, I don't know, Shiba Doj? He was standing behind the curtain. It was related to Balancer, so speculatively, as for FII, there are other rules for Balancer, there is also the acquisition of Balancer tokens, those that give liquidity. This is how we saw it. Ok.

Personally, I don't know if Mr. Krzysztof Jaskowski-Jasnowicz will answer my question, which I sent last week, regarding the potential of the Raiosh and Sari. And not only, we'll see Polish groups. If someone has the most Ehantas Dream Cow, I think it's also a step. Ok, but let's see, there are more and more official connections, including this Balancer, for example, that showed a pair of Quam. Oh, among them in the Monifest is the mentioned Quam, Layer 1, potentially bringing liquidity. And Raiosh and Shibari, the minting, oh, here we have the price comparison, what a complaint. How many X can we do? Some were dissatisfied, only. But let's remember that the market cap will increase with the whole Bitcoin.

So this is the potential price of Shiba, and Shiba will probably do his 20X too. Well, and well, here we have Childhoods End. No, wake up tomorrow and it's one dollar. I think not, not really. Yes, liquidity is very powerful, as the doctor writes here. Liquidity is very powerful for these three projects, creating a sort of market cap. I remind you, Raiosh said, pay attention to the most liquidity and foundations if you buy some token, because some tokens have most liquidity. Not the market cap, and when it comes out like that, it comes out. Yes, and here it also refers to the Sary entry, that Dev is fucking rich.

Some users do good research, I also invite you to your own thoughts and suggestions for more materials that I will be able to report. I think it's best to do it on email, and it's also received on Twitter. We're going to the computer very calmly, even though one of these three increases the most. Well, and at the end, because I would forget my last tweet entry, about Kodai, I think I won't throw these connections in the link, because Kodai rejected information from the potential date of the 5th that was supposed to come, of course, without editing it is not possible. Thanks to Vinay Kodai.

And did Elon Musk remind you of the 5th? He didn't, and now Kodai writes us an article, and as Pyotr Uśpan mentioned, there are no accidents here, so maybe I won't throw such too strong, speculations and those that are created. Thanks and see you in the next update. Bye!.



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