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Heat Miner - energy recovery and mining solution (aka Silent Miner, HeatMiner)

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This video is an amazing look into the life of a young entrepreneur. It follows his journey as he starts his own business and navigates the ups and downs of the entrepreneurial world. From the highs of success to the lows of failure, this video captures it all. It's a must-watch for anyone looking to start their own business or just to get an insight into the life of a young entrepreneur. With inspiring interviews and an honest look at the struggles of starting a business, this video is sure to motivate and encourage anyone looking to take the plunge into entrepreneurship."

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Would you like to take part in something big? Do you want to co-create the technology of the future? Do you want to add to the equilibrium of the world? Do you want to invest and make money? Do you want your money to be truly safe? You must have heard about Bitcoin, but you still don't quite know what it really is. Am I right? Bitcoin is the virtual currency of the future, and its exchange rate to the dollar has recently broken all records. It is decentralized, operates across national borders, bypasses governments, banks and other agents. No one except you has access to your Bitcoin wallet.

Bitcoin is an open mathematical algorithm and cannot be counterfeited or artificially printed, thus creating the ideal conditions for a balanced financial system, henceforth stabilizing a political situation and peace in the world. Bitcoins come as a result of running a series of complex calculations on devices called miners. Anyone can invest in a miner and become a Bitcoin miner. The existing miners are so loud that you would not want to keep them at home. High power consumption significantly limits the cost efficiency of a device. Dust penetrates the interior and by settling on electronic components, facilitates their overheating. And this is why I have created the silent miner system, the unique solution which will revolutionize the Bitcoin mining. Hi, I'm Maciej Zakrzewski.

I'm from Poland. I specialize in acoustics. I'm also an engineer and designer. I used all my knowledge and experience to create the silent miner system. Is a miner equipped with a unique noise reduction system so a miner can be used at home? If you already own a miner and want to soundproof it or make it more efficient, you can get the silent miner system cheaper in the form of a cooling and power supply casing and fit it in your own computing unit. The casing is airtight. It prevents dust from settling on electronic components, which extends the lifetime of your miner. To increase computing power, you can join numerous units into clusters.

The silent miner system casing was specifically designed for easy stack-up and the possibility of a shared cooling system. And now, the most important thing. A typical miner consumes 1. 5 kilowatts of electricity, the majority of which is lost as heat. Integrated liquid cooling allows for the recovery of energy and its reuse, for instance, to heat up running water or for home heating. This means you use less energy, saving money, conserving the environment, and at the same time making the Bitcoin mining more profitable. And this is what ecology is all about, transforming any loss into usable energy, just as in a natural ecosystem where nothing goes to waste.

While comparing the silent miner system with another ecological investment, such as solar panels, the solar energy investment yields in many years, providing a governmental subsidy. The silent miner system will pay for itself in no more than two to three years. At the beginning, I did it just for myself. The first prototype still works in my basement and heats the water in the whole building. So I thought, if it works for me, it can also work for you. After many days of hard work, design, testing, consultations, the silent miner system was born. The high-quality plug-and-play solution with no need for DIY. All you need to do is to connect the power and the Internet.

Now you know how to get involved in making something big, creating the technology of the future and peace in the world. By now you know how to invest and secure your money. You know how to efficiently and ecologically mine in every house. The silent miner system is an investment in the future. And the future is knocking at your door right now. .



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