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Motorhomes By Tony

Dynamax Isata 5 34DS Walk Thru! 4x4! Cummins Diesel! Amazing and For Sale!

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This luxurious RV is packed with incredible features! It has a power driver's seat with lumbar support and massaging feature, as well as a power passenger seat with heat. The center console offers plenty of storage and cup holders, while the cockpit area features a touchscreen navigation system and backup camera. Outside, you'll find an electric awning with LED lights, a wide slide out, and power steel entry steps. Inside, the bedroom area has a deep storage space, perfect for keeping your belongings organized. All of these features can be controlled with the remote, making it easy to customize your RV experience. Whether you're looking for a comfortable ride or a place to call home, this RV has it all."

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Alright, how are you doing today folks? My name is Tony, I'm with Terrytown RV. In front of me we're doing a walk through on a 2022 Dynamax Isola 5. It's a 34 DS with a 36 foot coach on the Ram chassis. We got a 5500 to be exact. We got the Cummins turbo diesel inside and a four wheel drive. So our front axles are turning the wheels just like they're back. So come in handy with some snowmobiles, maybe going out west in the desert. A four wheel drive might come in handy. Maybe not, but it's there if you need it. So this is a Super C, it's a 10,000 pound tow Super C.

So it's a little Super C. Normally Super C's are on the international or Freightliner chassis. This one is on the Ram. Our awning up top, nice big door, just very beefy door. I don't know if you heard that shut, but it's a very nice door. Very similar to a Class A diesel door. We have some keyless entry so you can lock and unlock it without the keys. This guy here is our side view camera. We got four cameras on here, two rears and two sides. Of course this is full body paint. This is all paint so there is no vinyl stickers. Just beautiful. Dynamax is definitely one of the best in the industry.

What they do is they paint it and then they sand it and buff before they clear it. So it's just super smooth. It's just a great paint job. All of their product is that from the X out of three all the way to the Dynaquest, which is its top end Super C. We'll open up some of these. Let's turn some power on real quick and show you where that's at. We got a little switch right here. Master on and then we're going to get part cargo awning light. I'll probably get it a little better here. That's how we turn the house power on and that gives us our exterior cargo here.

We got a little pasture up top. It's big open. This guy here is very similar to the same. We got our 50 amp short power there. We have a little radiator cover for the diesel if you're running it in the cold weather. We got some other adapters for trailer connections. Back here, no it's on the other side. Pretty much the same thing there. We got some electronics back here. We got some ways to drain our coach. We got some pass through drains there. Essentially this is the Magnum inverter, hybrid inverter charger actually. We have our transfer switch right there and a couple modules for the slides that are mounted there.

We got a big Dynamax mud flap. This awning is an armless awning. They kind of come out horizontal with it. You can't put it out when you hit our fifth wheel here. But it is censored for the wind. If it gets gusty it will go in automatically. They're not as fast as the wind so I would advise not doing that. We have a side cover on all of our slides. It's pretty standard stuff. Pretty much everything is standard on a Dynamax. We have a couple options, really just furniture. Here we can see our 360 horse, 800 foot-pounds of torque. That's from the 6. 7.

We never did talk about Cummins size but it's a 6. 7 liter. There's our two backup cameras. That's going to be one for the horizontal, or excuse me, I'm sorry, one for the hitch and one for the horizon on those cameras. Our propane is in the center of our coach. You can see it way back there. So that's nice and safe but they give you a couple. These need to be tucked up but a way to fill it. And essentially you turn it on or off. There's a little switch there, remote. That's our diesel fill back here. This guy is kind of in the way but that's alright. It's our battery tray.

Right now it's just two AGM batteries. We can fit four. We have a couple of disconnects here though to turn off the power to the coach. You can see a better view of our propane back there. But currently two AGMs is all that's on the coach. If you do a lot of park stays but you won't need it, if you do some boot knocking you can upgrade to lithium so we'll add a couple more AGMs. This is the Aqua Go by Truma, tankless and instant hot water. Pretty easy there. Our wet bay on this side. We're going to have a hose holder and the door. We got some controls here for compartment heat.

That's actually a different control. That would be for if you needed or had a little secondary compartment heat. We can tie that into that. Turn on my generator, my water pump. We got some security lights out here. And then the controls on my outside shower, my valve bodies, my city connection, my black tank flush, satin cable. Micro poles of course. Pretty easy. Nothing going on too difficult there. This guy is going to be our 8,000 watt diesel generator. Runs on the same fuel source as the coach so you can boot knock for a long time. With that guy. And let's see, big stretch for more storage. And probably more storage. Easy.

This guy here is our def fill. Right there. And another camera. Mirrors are heated and remote. The top is stuck to puddles. These are just manually adjusted. Nice steel step up bumpers. Nice wide slide back here. We did see our instant windows, our frameless windows. And tinted. Those are nice. Go inside and take a peek. Coming up a few steps. First thing I notice on my right is just a little storage cabinet. Little cutty here and then a little shelf. It's nice for keys but nice for the people up in the bunk too. Kind of went over these controls already here.

It's basically a porch light, cargo light, awning light and then extend and retract to my awning. And then this is cool to master off or master on. Basically just all the lights and where they were set will be controlled on and off. Step block, that's why my step didn't shut earlier. And then my trash can. Some power here. This is my trash there. Power on the side and then of course a fire extinguisher. Alright, well to look at this, look at this beauty. A full bunk over to the cab of course that has an opening to get in and out of the seats a lot easier. Big screen TV with a JBL sound bar.

We have this little guy in the ladder, of course the ladder. Goes there to get up and then this guy, this top one will slide and fill this area and then that is this little gate that goes here and there so you don't fall out. What do we got up here? We got our satellite inputs. Just a little cabinet with our antenna as well. We got a big extender. I love these inlaid lights. Got a little night light for the stove as well. Three gas burner. Nice power up there. This guy here is going to be a two. So it's a two. Of course that's got a little dirty with the antifreeze.

Moving up to our cabinet up top. I love this little kind of glass type of see through. Nice well back lit on that as well. Nice touch. There's our rat's nest of wires. Basically they're all coming here. This is just laying in there. But this is a matrix, 4x4 matrix, controls your TVs and basically you can input three or four items and then control which TV to watch of them. You can add in there a Roku, DVD player, whatever you're watching these days. We do Chromecast quite a bit. So we cast our TV tour. TV tour, Disney Plus or YouTube. There's a lot of options. Nice convection microwave. Of course we don't have an oven.

We have big storage underneath there. Nice three deep drawers with all soft close. We got some touch up paints. We got two Max Air fans. We got some remotes for the TVs and all the goodies. And a sound bar. That's for your hot water. And then some more goodies that go with the coat. I love the soft close. See how that closed? Nice and soft. The fridge has these great locks on them. Basically it locks or unlocks. The freezer. Nice big freezer with ice maker. This is a residential refrigerator. So it's power only, 1210 volt. Big pantry. Three drawers and then some stackable. And of course our dinette. Dynette has really good storage.

If you just from the seat aspect like that. Just lift it and it stays there. This one has carpeted and power. There's our books underneath. Here's the MSRP sheet. Let's see here. We got driftwood, cabinetry, champagne interior, magnetic full body paint, power theater seats and wine guard in motion. Those are our options for an MSRP of 253055. Not very good. And in our theater seats here these are power heated and massager. Probably the most comfortable that I carry about any motorhome. It's Thomas Paine. They're just fabulous. These here are removable. These trays we can see we can pop it right off this mount here. Just loosen it.

These are the goons I guess they're called because of the name. They're designed when like for different Isata. Isata 3 you'd only have one seating position versus the Dynette. So they're designed basically if you don't have a Dynette to sit and eat. These are pretty handy. They can certainly be handy when you're just sitting here with something and drink or whatever the case may be. That's the massaging aspect. That's high and low. And the heat. These light up and then these lay darn near flush. I'll open this one up and we'll get an idea. Very flush. There we go. So that's almost flat. I don't know what degree that would be. Just a few.

But very comfortable. Very comfortable. In here we got some power. A couple USBs and some 110. So the windows we talked about were frameless. Means they're open just like that. And so Dynamax what they do is because this is a better window we don't have a frame to rot out on the outside. That's really essentially what it boils down to. So they give you a max air fan there. And then probably the bathroom I guess it is. So this coach has two ACs. So max air fan. Yeah right there in the bathroom.

Alright so the cab two we kind of missed the that screen above is going to be the camera screen and it'll show all four cameras at the same time. And you can continuously drive with it like that. The middle screen will be your nav or your Android auto or Apple CarPlay. But look at this chassis. It's so comfortable. It's just like a car or truck today. More like a truck I guess. But it's just a modern technology. It's just it's a comfortable design. It's got airbags. It really is one of the best driving handling coaches in my opinion. Over here the controls we got two manual slide outs for the sides which I love.

We got those and then electronic ones. We are auto leveled or we have an equalizer auto level system which is that. We have some solar on there so that's what that is. Solar controller and then we got some power options for it. Three cabinets over here. Pretty deep. And then we can see in there we have our windshield visor and our side window visors for the basically just a foil reflective for privacy and for heat. But watch these shut. I love that soft close shut on all the cabinet doors there. Over here this is the main control. If we haven't seen this this is what's called a Firefly system. Firefly system is a great system.

I'm at the home screen right now so what I have is basically I have just a few light controls. Easily turn those off. And then off and on with my master like we've talked about. These are all dimmable. If I press and hold you can see that it kicked down probably. And then just press and hold again to dim it back up. Love that feature. I love dimmable lights in my coach. All my tanks are empty. LP is low so this is my fresh gray black and LP. Water pump on and off. And then my house and chassis power levels. My exterior tip.

And then all my tank and front and rear zones inside the coach. The temperatures. So the next one I can do is my automatic gen start or AGS. Automatic gen start is a fantastic option. Basically if you leave somebody in the coach and you're boondocking and you're not plugged in this will kick on the generator if the AC needs it or if the voltage drops. You can set your triggers accordingly. So it will basically kick on and you can tell it how long to run. There's a whole bunch of host stuff. You know run for this amount of time at this voltage yada yada yada. So there's my triggers.

Do you want to enable? No I don't want any triggers right now. But HVAC load or low volts. Pretty cool option. These are all my lights for the whole house and outside. Outside and inside. Again those are all dimmable. Maybe not all of them. There's maybe a porch light that might not be. Actually we can see. If there's arrows they're dimmable. There's no arrows there not. So some of these just have a standard LED strip probably. And then our zones for our heating and cooling. So we have two 15k with heat strips or heat pump AC units on this coach. So it has an auto. This auto function is awesome.

If it's hot and then cold just set it to auto. And then it'll just do its thing whether it's heat or if it's cool. And then our slide controls. We have an electronic slide control along with our awnings. So basically this is my electronic. What's cool about this is that it'll have an app as well to basically show you the exact same thing on your smartphone. So you can be inside outside the coach to do your slides, do your awning, do your levelers. And then we got some setup and stuff like that. So really really cool system.

Firefly is what it's called and they've been in it for a while now so it's been a great addition. Now I got roller shades throughout. MCD roller shades. Oops, didn't mean to drop that one. Very nice. Let's take a look at the bathroom. So this is a big dirty shower but people will stand in here to see if they fit of course. We do have a skylight so it adds a little bit but that's a nice shower. There's Tony with the camera on his face. That's medicine cabinet actually. We have some more storage below. Some power there and then behind is the toilet with the Tacma flush lovers there and then some towel storage up top.

Of course our Macs there. Alright moving to our, I love the door. So this is basically another zone of course with a bedroom so you can shut the door and if you have a headache or whatever the case may be you can get some rest. I'm just going to have an RV king. This is the bed size. Side tables and then here we have, remember those master's on master off? You can do that in here too. Generator start, hall lights, some other lighting for the local lighting I should say. We got some nice storage up here, nice and deep storage. You get an idea all the way down. A couple lights here and power.

These are cool. These, oh yeah there it is. So you got two, you got a little night light up top like that and then you have a reading light. We do have roller shades on this side for privacy but those windows do open. Yep they do open. Very huge window in the back, that's our exit of course, emergency exit. Got a couple cedar lined drawers here. Everything Dynamax makes generally is all cedar lined when it comes to wardrobe. It's just another example of what they do. They do a lot of over the top stuff. It's definitely a premium coach. Lots of good options. Look at that cedar lined there.

And I got one more drawer down there. Back here we have some big storage behind our TV. That walks into place, a big screen TV. All of our AC's are ducted of course. So there it is, that's the Isata 5. 34DS by Dynamax. My name is Tony. You can reach me at 616-375-3355 and I'd love to talk to you more about it. Thanks for viewing, bye bye. .



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