Our speech recognition software:

  • We are an open team of Polish research scientists – software engineers who achieve their goals with courage, determination and perseverance.

    The starting point for our activity has been the problem of continuous speech recognition and practical application of the already possessed knowledge from this field.

    We are also interested in other fields of modern information technology based on artificial intelligence such as: semantic analysis, image recognition, biometric identification and so on.

    We have created SkryBot – a complete system of recognition and decoding of speech to text. SkryBot is composed of a decoder, acoustic and language models and a set of tools with the help of which the software is constantly enhanced. We have financed the creation of SkryBot with our own means, the Polish capital = 100%. This is why we can compete with the expensive solutions proposed by other companies not only on the Polish market due to our various language versions. SkryBot research and development centers are located in Poland (Warsaw) and in England (Cambridge).

SkryBot speech recognition present in the media:

  • Skrybot, Humanway, Joobili and MyPolitIQ win the Seedcamp Warsaw contest.

    Polish and, Hungarian and Lithuanian are the most promising e-business ideas in Middle and Eastern Europe. These projects have recently won the Mini Seedcamp contest in Warsaw.

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    Kapitalny Pomysł (Capital Idea) programme – the first attempt to get financial funds for a faster development of the SkryBot software.

  • Gazeta Wyborcza – the initial test, demo version of SkryBot speech recognition:

    Speech recognition is a hard task because every man pronounces, accentuates and uses intonation in a different way. The manner of speaking of a woman is different from that of a man. There are people who stammer, speak under their breath, omit certain sounds or extend their duration. In this case the Polish President who sometimes tends to mispronounce proper names will be a hard nut to crack for SkryBot. The quality of recordings and the microphone sensitivity setting matter as well.

    “We have recently checked how SkryBot would work with the recordings of speeches by Polish politicians: Kaczynski, Walesa or Gierek. It has worked best in Gierek’s case,” said Bosky.

    iPhone, sex, Einstein and a kitchen sink…

    to read the entire article (in Polish) click here

    Euro Radio – demonstration of SkryBot speech recognition (video in Polish):

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