Tele-SkryBot (beta 0.1) – speech recognition on the phone
(demo version for the Polish language)

Tele-SkryBot recognises and decodes speech on the phone from defined sets of Polish names (+1500) and surnames (+2200) as well as any date.

Before phoning Tele-SkryBot, use this form to check which names and surnames are recognised (for Polish users only, different language versions will soon be available):


Call us (telephone numbers for the English, German and Russian language versions will soon be available) and speak as presented in the following model:

SkryBot rozpoznawanie mowy algorytm demonstracyjny

In case of mobile phones or VoIP (voice over IP), speech recognition may be less accurate than while using a stationary phone because of a higher interference level.
The demo version of Tele-SkryBot speech recognition may be temporarily unavailable due to data updating.

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