przewijanie – Speech recognition in multimedia, archives, TV and radio broadcasts.


Recognition and decoding of speech to text is already available online on our website SkryBot tv in SAAS (Software as a Service) mode… soon the users of SkryBot tv website will be able to send their videos, create automatic subtitles for films and soundtracks and, in addition, edit them manually. Furthermore, senders cooperating with skrybot pl will make their multimedia content with the subtitles accessible and will also be able to easily search through it with a text search engine. Read more:

On a server:

In case of customers who have their own servers and server rooms we propose a purchase of an efficient software SkryBot S2T which enables speech recognition on servers. SkryBot S2T speech recognition decodes recordings to text many times faster than in real-time.

Media monitoring:

For specialised applications – the best specialised solutions. SkryBot S2T is aimed at companies that monitor media, TV and radio broadcasting stations. SkryBot S2T with additional plug-ins makes it possible to search for keywords in audio and video files with the accuracy exceeding 90%. Speech recognition is the basis of new attractive services.

Search engine for searching in audio and video files:

Users of SkryBot S2T software are offered search engines, free and payable, stationary and accessible online, which enable a quick and precise search in multimedia files with the use of keywords.

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