Speech recognition for medical purposes.

Speech recognition in medicine requires software that is capable of recognising specialist vocabulary and decoding it to text fast and with great accuracy. This is why SkryBot MED uses various models adapted to the specialisation and the range of the vocabulary it is meant to recognise and decode.

Medical content decoded to text by SkryBot MED:

  1. Observations,
  2. Epicrises, including:
  • medical history,
  • physical examination,
  • additional tests,
  • treatment,
  • follow-up recommendations.


+ Ultrasound examinations
+ X-ray
+ CAT scans
and more…

Cooperation in order to improve SkryBot MED.

Software for recognition and decoding of speech to text requires constant development and we are developing it thanks to cooperation with its users. We invite health service representatives – doctors, hospitals and clinics to cooperate with us.

Thanks to a cooperation programme designed to improve SkryBot MED you will get a better software for half its normal price. We guarantee a price lowered by 50% for any chosen SkryBot software along with its updates for clients and companies who decide to cooperate with us on a constant basis. Cooperate with us to improve SkryBot MED – Polish speech recognition software.

Learn more about the cooperation opportunities by calling +48 790 013 206, or by sending an e-mail to: entitled “SkryBot MED cooperation”.

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