The article from ‘Gazeta Wyborcza’ about SkryBot speech recognition.

Fragments of the article (translation):

What is the accuracy of Skrybot? “When the system has learned the particular person, it can even reach up to 100 percent,” assures Bosky. “Without learning it reaches, unfortunately, the accuracy of only about 80 percent. The Polish language is complicated, it has a specific inflection, a noun has more than ten versions. For the time being, I cannot imagine that a machine could have high accuracy without learning the voice of a specific person,” adds Bosky.

The company has also signed a cooperation agreement with ABC Grytner, a firm that offers a legal acts editor to local administrations. It will offer SkryBot speech recognition to local governments. Bosky is also going to create a free module for doctors at the St. Sophie Hospital in Warsaw so that they will be able to dictate ultrasonography diagnoses directly to the computer.

Skrybot is also trying to make its way on the market – it was founded among others by Paweł Bosky, the owner of The test version for decoding text from audio and video recordings can be found on website. “We have signed a letter of intent with ESAProjekt concerning the cooperation on speech recognition in courts,” – adds Bosky. It’s a bigger project that is to enable recording of all court hearings. This will be the task for ESAProjekt, Skrybot would play the role of subcontractor and will be responsible for converting of recordings to text.

link to the entire article (in Polish):,101562,8268832,Sprzet_elektroniczny_wreszcie_zrozumie_polska_mowe_.html

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