SkryBot Voice Recognition update code: 18116

List of changes from 2018-04-10.


      USB microphone recognition.
      Accelerated speech recognition by 50%

Store SkryBot speech recognition – links to different versions

Polish language speech recognition

SkryBot for Speech for Everyone
Speech recognition for each general vocabulary price PLN 99, renewal PLN 19.
SkryBot Administration
Speech recognition in administration price PLN 499, renewal PLN 99.
SkryBot Medycyna Rodzinna
Speech recognition in medicine price PLN 499, renewal PLN 99.
SkryBot Law
Speech recognition for lawyers and courts, price PLN 499, renewal PLN 99.

Speech recognition English

SkryBot Voice Dictate
Speech recognition from English, price PLN 99, renewal 19.

Test SkryBot speech recognition before purchasing:

Speech recognition English

SkryBot speech recognition for all demo versions.

Server version, test version – SkryBot speech recognition

Speech recognition in Polish and English

SkryBot speech recognition for linux and Windows servers, demo version.

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