SkryBot team takes part in Discovering Start-ups 2011 competition

This month the SkryBot team took part in the second edition of a highly prestigious Discovering Start-ups competition organised by Cambridge Wireless. The SkryBot project fulfilled all the necessary requirements of a tough selection procedure and was presented to a number of leading business angels, venture capitalists and market leaders. It was a tremendous opportunity to demonstrate the possibilities of SkryBot speech recognition project to important potential investors. SkryBot was the only speech recognition project presented at the event. Source:


Description of SkryBot speech recognition for the purposes of the competition:

“Skrybot Cambridge/Warsaw

Skrybot is developing a wide spectrum of speech recognition products, ranging from specialist dictation software for legal and medical purposes, through general dictation, automated telephone call centres, to complex server ASR systems.

The technology currently supports Polish and English and the company is looking to enter to other EU countries in the next stage. Developing open source speech recognition technologies also.”

For more information, go to:

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