SkryBot speech recognition in the TEPSON social robot project.

Fragments from the article:

Nagłówek artykułu Tepson z rozpoznawaniem mowy.

The headline of the article about Tepson with speech recognition.

TEPSON – an interactive system enabling multi-modal communication with humans has been presented in the article. The prototype is a hardware and a software platform which would enable testing of software coming from different producers, in particular of software that can be used to create a social robot.

Software architecture.
The separate subsystems of TEPSON device along with the interfaces between those subsystems and the system of speech stream registration, SkryBot speech recognition and the system of image acquisition are integrated by means of the YARP middleware (…)
(…) acquisition and processing of sound: YARP interface for the sound card (module /audio), integrated with the module for detection and extraction of speech fragments and with /asr – speech recognition module (YARP interface for the SkryBot program).

One of many features of Tepson:
The dialogue system uses the Wirtualny Doradca software, it is equipped with a general knowledge base and a specialised knowledge base indicated by TP SA, the sound is synthesised by the Ivona software and the speech recognition subsystem uses the SkryBot software which responds to a limited number (up to 500) of phrases or words.

Link to the entire article (in Polish):
Artykuł o robocie społecznym Tepson.

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