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    Regulations applies to and

    The basic rule applied when purchasing a Skrybot license
    Buying a SkryBot you agree to the Shopping Regulations and agree to start providing digital content, before the deadline to withdraw from the contract. The option to withdraw from the sales contract is excluded.

    Try before you buy.
    Before purchase, test any version of the software at:
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    The word “services” should also be understood as skrybot licenses.
    The buyer also agrees with the remaining license statuses associated with the scripts at:


    § 1 – Contents of the regulations
    1. These regulations for the provision of electronic services, hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations” contain:
    a. the name of the Service Provider;
    b. types and scope of services provided electronically;
    c. terms of providing services electronically, including:
    – i. technical requirements necessary to cooperate with the system teleinformatics used by the Service Provider,
    – ii. a ban on providing the content by the Client unlawful;
    d. conditions for concluding and terminating contracts for the provision of services by road electronic;
    e. complaint procedure;
    f. other provisions.
    § 2 – Designation of the Service Provider
    2. By the Service Provider is understood: sp. z o.o.; Czerniakowska 159; 00-453 Warsaw; Poland
    KRS 0000447694; NIP 7010369503; REGON 146529641;
    tel 790-013-206, 22-8647850, e-mail:;,
    § 3 – Types and scope of services provided electronically
    3. The Service Provider provides services electronically using the Website
    located at the Internet address: (hereinafter referred to as “Website”), hereinafter referred to as “Services”.
    4. Services include all services related to the functioning of the Website, including particular:
    a. rewriting from audio and video recordings;
    b. rewriting recordings;
    c. prescribing court hearings;
    d. creating subtitles of films;
    e. rewriting musical notes;
    f. rewriting of texts;
    g. denoise the recordings to be rewritten;
    h. software for transcribing recordings and recording conversations;
    i. recording meetings, conferences, councils, and general meetings;
    j. converting, copying, mastering audio and video formats and text;
    k. professional processing of recordings: mastering, mixing, and cleaning of recordings.
    5. The services described above are provided for a fee.

    Regulations of applies to and
    page 2

    6. The Service Provider makes every effort to ensure that the Website functions as smoothly as possible
    trouble-free, and the recording files were rewritten as faithfully as possible. However,
    text files transcribed by hand from recordings may contain errors up to approximately 1% or
    information understandable only to the Client due to the lower quality
    sound, foreign words or unintelligible statements. For this reason, the Service Provider
    encourages the Client to send a list of foreign words beforehand
    appeared in the recording, lists of names and specialist vocabulary before
    start of the order.
    7. In the case of rewriting recordings of the dissertations, it is important to send the whole
    archived folder with the name of the hearing record.
    8. The Service Recipient should verify the text also from his side. Doubtful
    listening to places. Service provider means time stamps with the description “ns” “?”
    9. Individuals in the recording are prescribed in separate paragraphs. For convenience
    The Service Recipient uses time stamps that help in finding
    statements of people and correction of the speaker’s description and speech. On the side of the Customer
    remains the final verification of people speaking in the recording.
    10. The recipient, when the purpose of the processed data requires it (e.g.
    special accuracy in evidence recordings) should always be verified
    received data visually and audibly and make any adjustments. If
    The Service Recipient will send the texts corrected in the change tracking mode in the format
    Microsoft Word .doc or .docx, the Service Recipient if it does not use the change tracking function
    should clearly mark the corrections made: deleted, changed, added.
    The service provider will verify the received texts again and send back verified
    finally the text of the Service Receiver.
    11. In case of noticing errors in the files made and paid for, the Service Provider
    within one month of filing, it will improve the indicated files free of charge.
    § 4 – Technical requirements
    necessary to cooperate with the ICT system,
    which the Service Provider uses
    12. To use the Website, Internet access and a browser are required
    which accepts cookies.
    Cookies are information saved by the Website on the Recipient’s computer,
    which the Website can read every time you connect to that computer.
    13. The use of the Services is required correctly configured and updated
    Web browser.
    14. The use of Services provided via email requires
    having an active and correctly configured e-mail account.
    15. The Service Provider is not liable for damages resulting from non-adjustment
    to the above technical requirements necessary to cooperate with the system
    teleinformatics which the Service Provider uses.

    Regulations of applies to and
    page 3

    § 5 – Basic obligations of the Service Recipient
    16. The condition is using the Services is acceptance of the Regulations. The Client confirms that he has read the Regulations and accepts all its provisions.
    17. It is forbidden to provide the Client with any illegal content.18. The content of the Regulations may be obtained free of charge, reproduced and recorded by the Customer at any time. The Regulations are available on the website
    § 6 – Conditions for concluding and terminating contracts for the provision of electronic services
    19. In order to use the Services provided by the Service Provider, the Service is registered on the Website.
    20. The order for the Service to be carried out by the Service User is possible only through the intermediation of the client’s coupon available on the Website.
    21. The Service Recipient is obliged to pay for the ordered Service.
    22. The price and other relevant conditions related to the Service are each time given in the description published in the customer’s panel and must be accepted by the Customer.
    23. The amounts given on the Website are gross prices, which means that they include tax on VAT refunds and services.
    24. The customer is obliged to make a prepayment of the due price. If the User does not take advantage of this possibility, the payment will be made when the Service is delivered.
    25. The payment is possible in the form of a transfer to the bank account of the Service Provider indicated in the Website.
    26. The Service Provider agrees and authorizes the Service Provider to issue a VAT invoice without the recipient’s signature and to issue an e-invoice.
    27. If the Customer requests a paper invoice, he / she must provide the data necessary to issue an invoice by the Client.
    28. A Customer who is a Consumer has the right to withdraw from the contract within 14 days from its conclusion, in accordance with the Consumer Rights Act.
    29. A model withdrawal form is attached as Appendix 1 to this Sales Regulations book. The Client who is a Consumer may also withdraw from the contract by submitting any other statement, using his own words, a sub-condition that his declaration of withdrawal directed to the Service Provider is unambiguous.
    30. The Service Recipient may withdraw from the contract by sending a statement of withdrawal by registered mail to the address of the registered office of the Service Provider, given in point. 2 of these Regulations. The Service Recipient may also send a statement of withdrawal from the contract in an electronic form, bearing a secure electronic signature verified by means of a valid qualified certificate. The provisions of are applicable to provisions of law and
    31. The Service Recipient is not entitled to withdraw from the contract if the Service Provider fully performs the Service and the Client has previously agreed to its performance by the customer’s panel. The Service Recipient confirms that he has been informed by the Service Provider about the exclusion of the right to withdraw from the contract in the present case.
    32. In the case of the Service consisting in the delivery of digital content that is not recorded on a tangible medium, the Customer is not entitled to withdrawal in the event that the Service Provider, before expiration of the deadline for rescission, commences to perform the Service and the Customer has previously agreed to its performance through the customer’s panel. The Service Recipient confirms that he has been informed by the Service Provider about the exclusion of the right to withdraw from the contract in this case. § 7 – Procedure for complaint proceedings
    33. The Service Recipient may submit complaints regarding matters regarding the Services in writing in one of the following ways: a. written declaration of will, confirmed with a handwritten signature, sent to, ul.Czerniakowska 159, 00-453 Warsaw; b. declaration of intent in the electronic form, provided with a secure electronic signature verified by an acknowledged valid qualified certificate.
    34. A properly submitted complaint should contain at least the following data: a. the Customer’s name (including his / her first and last name – if provided, postal address, e-mail address, telephone number, and in the case of legal persons, company, address of the registered office and contact details of the person authorized to settle matters related to the complaint) b. a description of the problem underlying the submission of the advertising.
    35. The Service Provider will consider complaints within 14 days of their receipt and the notification of the result of considering the complaint.
    36. If the complaint is accepted, the Service will be delivered free from defects. The Service will be re-delivered within 7 days to reflect the complaint. If the re-delivery of the Service is not possible, the Service Provider will refund the Client the equivalent of the price within 14 days to the acceptance of the complaint.
    § 8 – Copyrights and privacy policy
    37. The text created from audio, video or image files is the sole property of the purchaser. The Service Provider does not have the right to publish the text unless the User agrees. The provisions of are valid for and
    38. By sending data to the Service Provider, the Service Recipient confirms his full rights to the submitted data.
    39. The Service Recipient allows temporary storage of data (audio, video, text) by the Service Provider and their automatic and manual processing.
    40. The administrator of personal data in relation to the information provided by the User is the Service Provider. The Service Provider stores the Customer’s data on servers protected from third-party access by encrypted SSL protocols to ensure full confidentiality of the data.

    Regulations of applies to and
    page 6

    the recipient of unauthorized activities with a request to immediately stop them and to process personal data for the above purpose.
    48. The Service Provider provides the appropriate technical and organizational measures to ensure the security of personal data provided by the Customers, in particular that prevents access to third parties or their processing in violation of the law, preventing data loss, damage or destruction.
    49. The Customer is entitled to: a. access to your personal data, the client panel, the right to supplement, correct and update the content of the data; b. requiring temporary or permanent suspension of personal data processing or deletion of personal data, if it turned out to be complete, out-of-date, untrue or collected in breach of the law. For this purpose, a letter should be sent by registered mail, the address of the Service Provider’s seat; c. objection to the processing of their personal data – in cases provided by law – and the right to demand their removal, when they become unnecessary to achieve the purpose for which they were collected. For this purpose, a letter should be sent by registered mail to the address of the registered office of the Service Provider.
    50. The audio and video files sent by the Client shall be subject to a no-tampering and mastering process. The recipient should keep his original files on his own. The Recipient should immediately archive the data received from the Service Provider after the entries have appeared. The client’s audio and sound file after the execution of the order is removed from the provider’s data set.
    51. The Service User receives access to the panel on the Service Provider’s Website by encrypting by connecting the HTTPS protocol with the user’s name and a strong password. The Customer may change the password at any time. To maintain its strength, the password may be generated automatically by the Service Provider at the request of the Service Recipient. The Customer is responsible for storing his password and the User’s name in secret from third parties.
    § 9 – Final provisions
    52. The Service Provider hereby advises the Service Recipient and the Service Recipient declares that he has been instructed about the specific risks associated with using the service provided by electronic means.
    53. The Service Provider hereby advises the Service Recipient and the Service Provider declares that it has been informed that the purpose of all data not being a part of the content of the service, entered by the Service Provider to the ICT system that the Service Recipient is to enable the proper performance of the Service commissioned by the Service Recipient.
    54. The Service Provider has the right to block access to the Website or its part from important reasons, in particular in the event of irregularities in the

    Regulations of applies to and
    page 7

    using the Website, or the occurrence of circumstances that could harm the Service Provider or the Customer.
    55. The Service Provider shall not be liable for the Service User’s use of the Website in a manner inconsistent with the provisions of the Regulations, applicable provisions of law, or provisions of agreements in force between the Service Provider and the Service Recipient.
    56. For any consequences resulting from improper fulfillment by the Service Forms available on the Website, in particular consisting in providing by the User incorrect or untrue data, the responsibility shall be borne by the User.
    57. The provisions of the Regulations do not violate the possibility of referring by the Consumers who are consumers to the mandatory provisions regulating the protection of consumer rights.
    58. In matters not covered by the Regulations, the relevant provisions of Polish law are applicable, including the Act of 23 April 1964 – the Civil Code and the Act of 18 July 2002 on the provision of electronic services, as well as other applicable provisions of law.
    59. Disputes resulting from the interpretation or implementation of the Regulations will be resolved by the competent for the seat of the Service Provider, with the proviso that in the case of beneficiaries these disputes will be heard before the court competent in accordance with the Code of Civil Procedure.

    Provisions applies to provisions of the law and
    page 8

    Annex No. 1

    Right of withdrawal form form. Location, …………………….            date  …………………….

    ……………………………………………………………………………. …………. ………

    Name and surname of the consumer (s) ……………………………………………………………………………. …………. ………

    Address of the consumer (s) ……………………………………………………………………………. …………. ……… Sp. z o. o.ul. Czerniakowska 15900-453 Warsaw

    We declare a withdrawal from a contract concluded at a distance or off the business premises

    Me / We (*) ……………… …. ……………,
    I hereby inform / inform (*) about my / our (*) withdrawal from the contract of sale of the following items (*) ……………………………… ..

    …… ………………………..
    contracts for the supply of the following (*) ………………………………………………………… ..agreement for a work involving the performance

    of the following things / for the provision of the following service (*) …………………… ……………………………………………… .. ………………………… .. ………………………..
    Date of agreement
    1 / receipt
    2 (*) ………………………… …………… .. ………………. …………………………………… Signature of the consumer (s)

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