System requirements for SkryBot speech recognition.

SkryBot works on systems:

  • Windows 10;
  • Windows 8.1;
  • Windows 8;
  • Windows 7;
  • Linux server and Windows Server version.

Hardware requirements for the SkryBot speech recognition user:

  • RAM memory – 4GB minimum;
  • HDD disk space – 1 GB for installation;
  • Sound card;
  • Microphone (Headset – TIP: preferred with USB plug).

Microphone – Note: Recording quality has by far the largest impact on the accuracy of speech recognition.
We strongly recommend using an external microphone with a USB plug.
The higher the recording quality, the more accurate the recognition text will be.
The recording quality can be checked by listening to the C: / SkryBot / results folder

How to record into the microphone for the best speech recognition results:

      The recording level must be adjusted: not too quiet and not too loud;
      Speech fluent and clear, without stuttering and exaggerated articulation;
      Do not talk to yourself;
      There should be no speech in the background: music, television, other people’s conversations, wind noise and other disturbances;
      The microphone should be at a fixed distance from the mouth.

For fast voice recognition

For fast speech recognition, we recommend computers with 7th generation i7 processors. As a result, the recognition speed will be higher than the speaking time. Weaker processors recognize slower.

Note: If you’re creating poor-quality recordings, it’s better to request them to be manually rewritten in 100% accurate Speech Transcription services/en

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