przewijanie presents the initial version of the prototype website for searching text information in audio and video files. It is a worldwide unique project of which the recently presented Google’s project Gaudi is the only existing equivalent.
A Polish firm has shown that it is able to develop technological solutions which are just as good as those of the biggest IT tycoon in the search domain.

The project is only a prelude to a much bigger undertaking aimed not only at automatic generation of subtitles for a series of video sequences that are available on social networking websites and radio news broadcasts in cooperation with the providers. New applications and modules for most languages of the world will be added to

The undertaking has been financed fully by the Polish firm, with no outside investment whatsoever. This proves that modern technologies do not necessarily require huge investments. In fact, they can be developed by smaller teams of experts and aficionados working in a given field. is a solution that :

  1. Is unique (only Google has presented a similar solution, but only in the English language version).
  2. Makes audio content accessible for hearing impaired persons in text form.
  3. Enables an easy search of multimedia context with the use of text.

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