SkryBot MED speech recognition for USG (ultrasonography)

We present the first demo version of SkryBot software with modules that recognise medical vocabulary used to describe ultrasonographic examinations.

We invite hospitals, clinics, medical equipment manufacturers and individual doctors to buy SkryBot MED. We offer personalized versions of the software at prices starting already at 5000 PLN net (5 three-post licenses included in the price).

The demo version of SkryBot MED USG (ultrasonography) is available in a substitute package, equipped with SkryBot Home interface and without the additional vocabularies which include proper display of capital and small letters in specialist abbreviations and words. Some words are not included in the demo version of SkryBot and will be found only in the paid version.

To run the demo version:

  • It is necessary to install any full version of SkryBot Home, for instance the following one:
    SkryBot Home link
  • Download the medical version from here: SkryBot MED link unpack it to a folder of your choice and open the skrybotdomowy.exe file in it
  • Regardless of personalization of an individual voice, SkryBot recognizes many utterances well but personalisation will considerably enhance the quality of speech recognition. Information on how to perform the free personalization:

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