SkryBot Home speech recognition for personal computers with Windows XP, Vista, 7 systems.

We present the first version of the user interface of SkryBot Home speech recognition software for personal computers.

SkryBot doMowy rozpoznawanie mowy - interfejs użytkownika 1.0.

SkryBot Home speech recognition - user interface 1.0.

Basic functionalities of SkryBot Home speech recognition for personal computers:

  1. Speech recognition with the use of a microphone and speech recognition from previously recorded wav files.
  2. Visualisation of the recorded sound.
  3. Speech recognition mode setting: fast / slow.
  4. Personalisation of speech recognition (increasing of accuracy).
  5. Switching of speech recognition for many language versions, for different fields of knowledge and speech characteristics.
  6. Entering of text in any text field (among others: Word, Office package, browsers, messengers).
  7. Integration of SkryBot Home speech recognition with SkryBot.TV speech recognition online website.
  8. Support for disabled persons: reading of the recognised text (built-in speech synthesiser), text edition and steering by voice.
  9. Possibility to change skins: backgrounds and fonts.
  10. Configurable buttons enabling software control.
  11. Recording of voice notes and recorded sound edition.
  12. Operating with the systems from the Windows family.
  13. Batch mode recognition.
  14. Specifics of the successive versions of SkryBot Home software may be subject to change without previous notice.

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