What is SkryBot and how does it work? Description of the program:

SkyBot is a software for converting speech to text installed in a personal computer.
The “SkryBot for Speech for Everyone” version contains the widest range of general vocabulary.

Recognizes speech from a microphone or files (wav, wma, mp3, m4a or other after conversion)

SkryBot for continuous speech recognition from a microphone or file does not need an internet connection.
Internet is only needed for one-time activation of the SkryBot license.

SkryBot can be installed on three computers for one user.

SkryBot is constantly being developed. System updates are published systematically.

SkryBot contains many useful features:

  • File Recognition
  • Editing from recording – for creating subtitles (converter to .srt format is here:
  • Editing sound with text
  • Converting recordings (WAV, WMA, MP3, M4A) to the synthesizer format
  • Search engine for recordings using recognized text
  • Voice commands
  • and others.

Link to the SkryBot store

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