New version of SkryBot Home for Everyone, Uni Student, Young Student, Administration: conversion of speech to text – the Polish language version.

published on 2011-05-15, version number:

We invite you to buy the newest version of SkryBot Home Links for purchasing the program are available on the main site: – Polish speech recognition.

New features of the SkryBot program:

  1. Bigger accuracy and faster speech recognition.
  2. Continuous recognition available under F9.
  3. Commands mode – information available in: Tools / Configuration / Commands.
  4. One-time program activation. (During the first start of the program, entering of the activation key and Internet connection are required.)

The functionalities of SkryBot have been enhanced. Among others:

  1. More user-friendly personalisation process.
  2. Microphone settings adjustment and constant microphone sensitivity overview added.
  3. Speech detection configuration added.
  4. Enhanced user interface. (Sorted buttons, new context-menu taskbar buttons added.)
  5. Inserting dots into the recognised text removed.

Configuration of recording/microphone settings of SkryBot enabling proper speech recognition and personalisation:

Film with a concise guide:

How to presonalise SkryBot speech recognition: transcription of recordings, musical notes, texts. speech recognition desktop / serwer speech recognition online

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