New functions on SkryBot TV speech recognition online:


  • After speech recognition – possibility to edit film subtitles and soundtracks online.
  • Registration of paid private and business accounts.
  • Personalisation / enhancing of the recognition accuracy by the user. (in personal user accounts)
  • The price for the preparation of text and acoustic models is 1000 PLN net.
  • Speech recognition users’ forum:
  • Launch of individual modules for public figures, the president, the prime minister, etc. The users can decode speech to text better with a module dedicated to a public figure.
  • Character count in audio recordings.
  • The up-to-date speech recognition software version: SkryBot S2T 2.2 PL
  • Planned development of speech recognition SkryBot TV coming soon:

  • Automatic synchronising of manually transcribed text files with the rime code of the soundtrack. (currently the service is available only on individual order)
  • Faster speech recognition in premium accounts. (service available in client applications)
  • Accepting many formats of audio and video files for speech recognition.
  • Data streaming. Launch of video display with subtitles.
  • Integration of SkryBot Home speech recognition software with SkryBot.TV speech recognition online.
  • Editing of film subtitles and soundtracks on SkryBot.TV.
  • Further enhancing of speech recognition accuracy.
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