New version of SkryBot speech recognition software for the Polish language available now!

Free Skrybot Home, general language package, version, published on 2011-05-16.

Free SkryBot speech recognition software available under the following link:

SkryBot Home on

New features of the free SkryBot version:

  1. Bigger accuracy and faster speech recognition.
  2. Continuous recognition available under F9.
  3. Commands mode – information available in: Tools / Configuration / Commands.

Limitations of the free version:

  1. No speech recognition from audio files. (available in the standard version)
  2. A window informing the user that he or she is using the demo version appears recurrently on the screen. (the window does not appear in the standard version)
  3. Time of continuous recognition is limited to 7 minutes. After that time, continuous recognition has to be enabled again. (no such limitation in the standard version)
  4. Free personalisation possible only after 60 minutes of recording has been executed. Film with instructions on how to carry out personalisation:

We also invite you to test and use the free SkryBot Commands software. While using the program, the user can:

  1. Control Windows by voice.
  2. Control text editing functions by voice.
  3. Insert given letters, numbers, signs and some words by voice.

Link to download the free version of our speech recognition software: SkryBot Commands.

Configuration of recording/microphone settings of SkryBot enabling proper speech recognition and personalisation:

Film with a concise user’s guide:

How to personalise SkryBo speech recognition: transcription of recordings, musical notes, texts speech recognition desktop / serwer speech recognition online

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