SKRYBOT Speech Recognition version 2016-05-23 symbol: has two new useful features:

Who is for multichannel recording from a USB microphone?

  1. Multi-channel recording USB microphone is particularly useful for conversion to text chat with interviews of journalists, psychologists, sociologists, calls of the board of managers.
  2. Recommended for this method of recording are guttural / neck microphones.
  3. Keep in mind that you should take care of the purity of the language spoken.
  4. If the recording will take a lot of reps, inclusions yyy eee er, careless speech this recognition will be inaccurate.
  5. If the caller does not have his voice adapted to a SkryBot is to be slightly less recognized.

Multi-channel or multitrack recording microphones USB.

  1. Separating circuits speech of different speakers for better separation of speech.

    Using multiple microphones on the USB input, audio input from any microphone will be recorded on a separate audio track.

    The program SKRYBOT Multitrack USB Microphones Recorder is an APP attached to SKRYBOT APP.

    The icon to start the program you can find on the desktop:

    ikona do wielokanałowego nagrywania z mikrofonów USB

    Multichannel / multitrack recording of USB microphones

    Window of multichannel / multitrack recording USB microphones – USB Microphone Multitrack Recording app:

    Multi-channel recording microphones USB window

    Short view to the multi-channel recording microphones USB

    The principle of operation of multi-channel recording or multitrack recording with USB microphones, and multi-channel speech recognition SKRYBOT.

    • The app: Multitrack Recorder USB Microphone detects a connected microphone during a run.
    • Note: USB microphones must be included in the system recording window – this should be done by the system tray. Recording settings. Show all devices off. Turn on all devices. Switch on all USB microphones.
    • The multitrack usb microphones recorder runs on Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1, Windows 10.
    • The app records any audio from any USB microphone on a separate audio track as Wave file.
    • You can recognize each wave track. After recognizing SKRYBOT you can synchronize recognized speech divided into speakers.
    • With the separation of the signal from the USB microphone, nothing of speech will be lost. Even if a person will enter a word during the conversation.
    • Recommended USB microphones for a full separation signal is a so-called guttural microphones. Guttural microphones are often used by motorcyclists and commandos. Where despite much noise around it is fully separated.
    • SKRYBOT will automatically mark a separate audio wave as separate speakers.
    • “Detecting speakers” will synchronize the text of the recognized text to a file marked by a speakers / microphone.

    Monitor the speed of speech to text recognition computer performance.

  2. During the speech decoding of the main window displays a comparison of the speed of decoding the real time RT. if the value is greater than 1, it means that the decoding time will be shorter than the length of the file. A computer’s performance is high.

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