Multitrack USB microphone recording with speech recognition SkryBot >>>
Recording of phone calls with conversion to text in Android >>>
SkryBot speech recognition in online speech therapy exercises >>>
Speech recognition via HTTP SkryBot >>>
Update of the paid version of SkryBot Home >>>
SkryBot Home software update >>>
SkryBot speech recognition project takes part in Discovering Start-ups 2011 competition organised by Cambridge Wireless >>>
New demo version of free SkryBot speech recognition software. >>>
New Versions of SkryBot speech recognition software >>>
SkryBot Commands /Voice Control /Entering text in text fields >>>
SkryBot for Everyone speech recognition software already on sale >>>
SkryBot Administration speech recognition software already on sale! >>>
SkryBot Home – reporting bugs >>>
SkryBot speech recognition update >>>
Premiere of SkryBot Home speech recognition for the Polish language >>>
New functions of SkryBot TV – editing subtitles online >>>
They have written about SkryBot on >>>
SkryBot MED USG (ultrasonography) >>>
Article about SkryBot speech recognition on >>>
They have written about SkryBot in Gazeta Wyborcza >>>
SkryBot Home – the new version 20100818 speech recognition for Windows XP, Vista, 7. >>>
SkryBot speech recognition in the TEPSON social robot project. >>>
Investors have evaluated SkryBot speech recognition for the Polish language >>>
The new version of SkryBot Home 20100614 is available >>>
New version – SkryBot Home 20100612 >>>
SkryBot Home – first version already available! >>>
SkryBot already available in June 2010 >>>
SkryBot Home speech recognition for personal computers with Windows XP, Vista, 7 systems. >>>
SkryBot speech recognition update >>>
Speech recognition online is now available! >>> – Polish software for speech recognition competes with Google! >>>
SkryBot compatible with Windows 7 and Windows Server 2008 R2 >>>
SkryBot chosen the best start-up of Middle and Eastern Europe >>>
We are testing SkryBot. We welcome your participation! >>>
SkryBot S2T 1.9PL version released >>>
SkryBot speech recognition – accuracy test (Polish language version), October 12, 2009: >>>
SkryBot System for Automatic Speech Recognition of Polish Language >>>
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