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SkryBot speech recognition software at prices starting from 19 PLN gross! Link to the shop offering SkryBot Home speech recognition software

Certyfikat SkryBot doMowy polski program


Version for Everyone, without limitations.
Basic functions of the software: SkryBot version

  • Speech recognition with the help of a microphone or from a file. (microphone available in the shop (optional) or on special offer).
  • Writing down of the recognised text using any chosen programme: Microsoft Office, Outlook, Google Mail, Google Docs, EZAP, EAP XML, Windows Live, Open Office, Gadu Gadu, Skype and others, also in any text field.
  • Personalisation of the user’s voice.
  • Possibility to install SkryBot on three computers.
Minimal technical requirements for using SkryBot software:

  • Windows XP, Vista, 7 operating systems – 32-bit and 64-bit.
  • 2GHz processor.
  • 2 GB RAM minimum.
  • Internet connection
  • Soundcard + outside microphone.
  • Enough free disc space.

We invite you to buy SkryBot speech recognition software.

SkryBot Home Uni Student 29 PLN gross, BUY NOW.

Version for students of all higher education institutions who have a valid student identity card; possibility to install on two computers.

SkryBot Young Student 19 PLN gross, BUY NOW.

Version for students of any schools (higher education institutions excluded): gymnasiums, lyceums, primary schools, vocational and technical schools who have a valid student identity card; possibility to install on two computers.

SkryBot Home Administration 121.77 PLN gross, BUY NOW.

Version for Administration (vocabulary used in local and central administration); possibility to install on three computers.


Speech recognition products in our offer:


  • – access to speech recognition online, recognition and decoding of continuous speech to text, generating subtitles.
  • SkryBot S2T – server software – automatic recognition of continuous speech and decoding it to text. The updated version of SkryBot S2T 2.1PL
  • tele-SkryBot – speech recognition in communication. Customised products on demand.
  • SkryBot MED – speech recognition for medical purposes.
  • Legal SkryBot – speech recognition for legal purposes.
  • SkryBot P – speech recognition for police purposes.

Speech recognition applications:

  • “Transcription” of the content of audio and video recordings to text. Determining the location (milliseconds) of the words in the recordings.
  • Text indexing, search engines, audio mining for audio and video in telephony and media recordings.
  • Dialog systems in telecommunication.
  • Voice search of names, places, weather, cities – GPS and other devices.
  • Dialog systems – robotics, automation of bank/ financial services.
  • Automatic transcription of voice messages to SMS.
  • Dictation directly into a text editor without the need to use a keyboard.

Speech recognition types: (Speaker dependent or independent)

  1. Large Vocabulary Continuous Speech Recognition – LVCSR.
  2. Speech recognition using formal grammars.
  3. Speech recognition of isolated words.

Basic features of SkryBot speech recognition are high accuracy of speech recognition, working as fast as in real-time or much faster in case of speech recognition and decoding of speech to text from multimedia recordings.

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